Winning Ugly Is Starting To Look Good

RUBBISH game, great result. Two pennas, three points. Scrappy as hell and some scary moments but hey, we’re back in it because all the other results – and all the breaks – went our way. Blackpool slipped up and so did Cardiff… which makes next week massive.

Boro got two nailed on spot-kicks and should have had a third when incredibly Gorkss climbed highest in the crowd to have a funny turn and volleyball moment and punched the ball clear. Bizarre. The ref ignored it. Determined Gorkss made up for it later when he stretched and tried to yank Lita’s head off.
Robson’s sizzling spotkicks were powered by pure Hicktonite. They were unstoppable rockets, especially the Hot Shot Hamish second. If the keeper got a hand to that he would be in James Cook now wearing a pot up to his elbow. Two spot kicks in a game. Had the third been given he could have had a hat-trick which would have been neat.
I was going to say you don’t see two pens in a game too often but we had two against Scunthorpe when Johnson missed one and scored one. But three? To be fair there could have been more. I was amazed QPR didn’t get one early after Wheater wiped out Cook with a clumsy challenge.
It was an “eventful game” in that respect. Two pennas, two more waved away (an an optimistic shout for another from a Willo Flood shot after the break) two goals ruled out for offside and they hit the woodwork twice, the first a clip on the way wide in the first half then a good solid rattle in the second.
But in between all that were long spells of quite poor fare. “A nothing game,” Strachan said. Misplaced passes, hopeful punts forward, disjointed spells of play peppered with free-kicks, defenders drifting out of position and getting turned, chaotic scrambles in and around both boxes… plenty of endeavour and work but very little quality. It was a good job the penalties came because Boro looked unlikley to score from open play.
QPR created much more in that respect and Danny Coyne made good saves in both halves while in a frantic final spell there were some fantastic tackles flying in with Robson, O’Neil and Flood all helping out a defence that was superbly marshalled by the increasingly confident pairing at the back of Wheater and ‘Mick’ McMmanus..
But winning ugly is the way forward. After the back to back defeats last week the Boro bandwagon is inching forward again and the numbers are starting to add up: six unbeaten at home and three wins in a row at the Riverside. Two points behind wobbling Cardiff – and them to play next. Win that one and it is game on.


43 thoughts on “Winning Ugly Is Starting To Look Good

  1. “The penalties turned the game though”
    Gordon Strachan reveals a startling insight into the game. This demonstrates he is right when he says only people inside football can give opinions.
    Hicktonesque! None of that namby pamby placing in the corner. Hopefully a result next week will get us back into contention.

  2. I agree with your comments, AV. I would say the MoM would be between McManus, Wheater and Coyne. It WAS ugly. But at this stage it is better to have three ugly points than to play well up to the penalty area, have loads of possession but fail to convert it into goals, and then to lose to a brakeaway at the other end.
    Lad next to me fell asleep briefly in the second half, but we didn’t tell the stewards. And as for the crowd figure, I think we are seeing what the A-level examiners might call grade inflation. On that basis I expect a crowd of 47,500 for the Newcastle game.
    **AV writes: It’s like going on holiday and trying to convert prices into pounds based on a fluctuating exchange rate. Don’t even try.

  3. You forgot to mention another precious commodity in your report…another clean sheet. If my maths is correct, that’s 8 from 20 for Danny Coyne this season. It must give the rest of the team confidence knowing that your keeper is going to give you a clean sheet roughly every other game.

  4. Shame Leicester won but guess we can’t have every result go for our way. Cardiff do have two games in hand on us but like you say a win in the Welsh Capital next week and let’s watch them wobble till they fall over just like they did in last seasons run in – which also started with a heavy defeat to Preston.
    I’ve got my ticket for the Cardiff City Stadium (imaginative name) and I can’t wait after todays result, however I can’t ever remember beating them, I seem to recall being cheated in 93/94 when a goal wasn’t given even though it crossed the line?

  5. AV, Who was nr 200 in the last blog? Here Grove Hill Wallah pops up at every ‘1’. So the post from him are nr. 1 (above), 10 and of course 100 as always!
    Yes, the match at Cardiff is massive. As we showed recently we can match the top teams in performance now (but still not result wise – but this chances hopefully soon). Hope we have some luck from now on.
    We are starting to see a more settled side now – at least in defense. Pity that we rushed SuperMac too soon. I think we fans call it too easily square pegging (AV, please correct the spelling if needed) but the real reason for all the changes have been terrible injury record we seem to have.
    I see that Jason Steele is loaned out. I hope he comes back as Wheater came from Darlo. As a future first team regular and England candidate! I think Jones is good enough as a bench warmer for us in the C’ship.
    So really interesting match next week. Sorry to inform but I must follow the match from the Azores as me missus had a birthday yesterday. Do anyone know a pub in Ponta Delgado where all the local Boro fans meet on match day?
    Up the Boro!

  6. sheeesh!…. two pens in one game… The Toon have only had two all season! If winning ugly is becoming the norm at The Riverside… we are in for a treat when the league leaders come to Smogland!! We win ‘ugly’ most of the time! How’s about an ‘ugly draw?
    There again it looks like Newcastle will have most of their 7 injured players back for that one… including Joey Barton (our new signing) … Robson v Barton looks a tasty sideshow… mmmmm???
    Oh, by the way… a word of thanks would now appear appropriate to your ‘friends’ up the A19 for taking six points off Cardiff (6-1)…. and four off Leicester… three off Sheff U (still to play at Sid James), six off Coventry… or even six off Preston who would be above you in the table, etc, etc…. would be nice, wouldn’t it???
    Or would you all take the stance of supposed Boro ‘fan’ Adam Newton and rather the Jawdees have taken nil points from the aforementioned?
    If the Toon hadn’t chipped in with those results the Boro’s play-off hopes would be dead and buried long ago!…. So, any thanks Boro fans?… even thru gritted teeth?
    **AV writes: Three points in a fortnight and you may well get some gratitude.

  7. Playing badly and winning is ok, as long as there is a hint that we can play better. At the moment I’m not so sure we can. The midfield needs an injection of pace and quality of delivery to the front two. I’m not sure we are going to get it this season.
    But I think we will only be one or two players away from having a team that compete at the very top next season. I don’t think Franks is that player, well not yet anyway. Great pace but delivery needs some work. I think he might be best suited to a forward position but he should be commended for getting on with the job where ever he is asked to play.
    And a quick mention for Lita, well done lethal, great performance you ran them ragged. And there was no stropping after fouls, great endeavour.
    If McManus can be made a permanent signing then we must do this. What a difference, what a great leader, no nonsense defending, and as I am a quite defensive minded person, his performances I really enjoy watching..
    And as I love a cliché he is like signing two players. His influence on wheater has been to transform him from a sometime cumbersome, confidence shy ,mistake waiting to happen into the imposing defender and much needed crowd focal point.
    And finally Barry Robson. Where to start? He was picked up for £650,000! I remember when Paul Ince signed for us, even though his best days may have been behind him he was by far and away the best Boro midfielder I have ever seen. Robbo is just streets ahead of anything else I have seen in this division.
    And then when you hear him talk. He mentions winning in almost every sentence. He talks about tactics and how and where we need to improve. This guy will be a manager, probably in the same role as his mentor Strachan. I hope we can keep him at the club for a long time.
    Last week’s defeats at Blackpool and the other place mean we probably need to get at least four points from the Cardiff-Toon double header. Possibly too much to ask but we might get two draws and the playoff dream would still be lingering, just.
    Up the Boro

  8. Instantly forgetable in footballing terms and the result didn’t reflect how QPR dominated a huge part of the second half. Still 3 points are 3 points and Coyne, Mick and Wheats looked very formidable.
    Yesterday saw a big improvement in Lita’s workrate but he still needs to apply himself more when play breaks down. Robson showed more composure than of late and non more so than his no nonsense penalties. The history books will say 2-0 and three points but there was little on show (apart from the Bermuda Triangle at the rear swallowing everything up) to give optimism that the team is gelling and are capable of showing deep down belief.
    Next week in Cardiff is the day this team has to deliver. They have to gel, show belief, start scoring and of course keep a clean sheet. Franks looks to offer more wide left than any of the others despite Aliadiere winning the penalty.
    Defensively Poggi looked very rusty at LB and Tayls equally rusty (understandable on both counts). Bennet for me is a bit less defensively solid but offers more of a threat going forwards and we need to have some offering from the left side to utilise the entire pitch.
    The real big negative from yesterday was the booing of some of our own players. It indicates just how far things have gone when so many of the few remaining diehards are still very disaffected. We all know the reasons and well versed frustrations but it is not going to offer any positive outcomes.
    Based on current exchange rates I think Forever Dormo’s attendance forecast for the forthcoming Toon game is a little conservative. I reckon 50,000 minimum!

  9. AV…. Don’t you think we’ve done enough to assist your cause? Three points in a fortnight is maybe taking it a tad too far!
    … would you settle for The Jawdees beating Blackpool and Sheff U in consecutive games up at Sid’s place in April?
    **AV writes: You can’t blame us for trying though eh?

  10. Redcar Red
    I was sat near the red faction and they were singing about getting the club back as well as interesting propositions to do with season tickets.
    I agree about Pogi and Taylor. They went 451 as against our 433 and that meant they had long periods with the ball. With 433 you need width from our full backs but they didnt get forward in the first half hour and then Naughton started pushing forward a bit. Pogi gets a nose bleed if he comes out of his own penalty area never mind crossing the half way line.
    As you say Bennett is better suited on the left than either Pogi or Taylor and Franks looks better on the left of a front three because of his willingness to track back and get forward.
    You have to wonder at the intelligence of Ramage, the one player you have no need to tackle is our collapsing Frenchman. In general, end product and Jeremie are mutually incompatible.
    I am going to raise your Toon crowd estimate and suggest we may need a PC on a White Horse as we pass the highest ever home attendance for the Boro of 53000+ at Ayresome Park

  11. Can I thank all who entered on the blog yesterday for the live match. Funny and witty to read. Live in Australia so rely on these pages for a lot of updates etc. Miss the live games now but always keep up to date.
    PS Boro scouts might want to look at Tando Velaphi Perth Glory’s goalkeeper, he’s decent and will go places. We also had Andy Todd play for us this year, the level is not as high but his reading of the game stood out.

  12. It strikes me that all these games are fun and all, but at the end, it’s such a poor league that our blipping form doesn’t really matter as long as we are close to play offs by the end and can keep a run at right time.
    At that point, maybe our form will hold for three games and we could get promoted, or maybe we just have one of our usual struggling, listless, don’t turn up games (West Ham, May 2009?) and we don’t.
    This isn’t a season where we have any sustained class, but a reflection of the league that we can be so middling and yet be up there.
    Of course, even if we got promoted, you’d have to expect us to be firm favourites to get relegated, UNLESS, you have a few teams doing a portsmouth which is quite possible. Afterall, if we hadn’t undergone an austerity drive last year then we could be in that position.
    I still think that Southgate’s poverty as a manager and Gibson’s stubbornness to stick with his calamatous misjudgement in 2006 (as well as players not caring two hoots as long as their pay goes in), led to our relegation last year. But can you imagine where we would be in the Prem in 2009-10 given our (prudent) cost cutting which has delivered this calibre of team?
    So all in all, whether promoted or not, state of club and football’s financial disease really means we got 5 more years of bumbling before possibly a new stage arrives – or doesn’t even!

  13. Switch on the Carling Cup and the first thing I hear is ‘Emile heskey, scored in the 1997 final against Middlesbrough’

  14. As the big game kicks off it would be remiss not reminisce. It was six years ago to the day.
    Leicester city 0 – 0 Wolverhampton Wanders
    heady days indeed

  15. Don’t care what other teams are doing, don’t care how we play as long as we are making progress and building something for the future.
    The gloom merchants post that our chances of the playoffs have gone after the 2 latest away defeats – rubbish! Any team in the top 18ish can make the playoffs if they go on a run.
    I find myself in a paranoxical situation of wanting to win every game, but certainly not wanting promotion this season. That’s why I want us to build a strong, improving team for the future.
    Can anyone confirm if this is the case?
    As an aside – further proof in todays final that there are different rules for different teams. Why wasn’t Vidic sent off? Also, has Downing lost the ability to take a man on? He also seems terrified to tackle anyone. I’m desperate to see him do well but his performances at time are negative and lacking ambition.

  16. peterboroangel:
    You say you want us to win but not to get promoted this year ! Tell me which is better for the club next year: a. Win the championship and get X amount, or b.Get relegated from the Prem but get £50 mil for being bottom. ?

  17. peterboroangel –
    Firstly I don’t want to spend anymore time in this tin pot league any longer than we have to, we are not going to learn or gain anything from being here other than just losing more and more money.
    And when we get promoted I also don’t want to consolidate our place in the premier league with survival I want us to push for top six and if we fall short of that then at least we should hit mid table.
    Secondly with regards to Downing, hasn’t that always been the case – he doesn’t take people on, he just crosses when he has the space, he isn’t an exciting player – if he was right footed would there be the same talk about him?.
    I think a lot of people have rose tinted glasses on with Downing, he was never that special and in my opinion never will be, however their is a player called Adam Johnson who Downing should of been understudy to if we couldn’t afford to play them both in the same team. How AJ isn’t in the England squad amazes me.

  18. Ian Gill
    Don’t know about you but at times I detect the Red Faction and the general North Stand populus have a slight variance shall we say in their approach.
    With Season Ticket holders at a less than obvious level and Boro Pride and “Pay on the day” supporters becoming more the norm and choosing to sit where they like it concerns me that we might actually end up with two sets of supporters. One set Boro and one set MFC if you catch my drift.

  19. I wonder how much our current league position and play off hopes are reflected in the on-going effort to bring in loan signings? Perhaps possible outlay is being weighed up with regard to promotion chances.

  20. McManus should be snapped up now or a deal should be in place now as Mowbrey on thin ice up the road and a new manager will see hoe he is playing for us a take him back.
    We should be very pro active hear and tie im up.Like somone said he is like two new signings with Wheater playing much better.
    AV any idea how long McDonald is rested for?
    Cardiff is now massive we go in as underdogs suits me.

  21. Redcar Red
    Be careful of trying to separate Boro from MFC, I have been pulled up about in the past. Historically I have always sat in the area around the south east corner simply because I have never had a season ticket and that is where free seats were available when we had a huge ST base. It was also closer for a getaway for the drive down to Derby.
    I have sat in main upper for the last few matches I have attended at the Riverside so sitting back over in the corner I was surprised at the chants from the Red Faction unless I have misinterpreted them.
    I think there is a spectrum of views about MFC and Boro. I am of the Ian Gibson, Alan Peacock, Dicky Rooks generation and very much a Boro fan first and MFC fan second.
    I think Gibson is owed a huge debt but the club has made several serious mistakes over the last few years. Doesnt mean he has to go but there will be sections who think he should. They should consider Pompey, Leeds.
    I suspect that mine is the majority view, the people around me were not a spread of ages but all were knowledgeable about football. They shouted and cheered and booed the ref but there was not the rigidity of the ultras of either faction. We actually talked during the lulls in the match (quite a lot then) and had coherent converstations about decisions.
    The overiding sense was of two distinct factions at either end of the ground and the rest of us supporting the team.

  22. The need to find a left sided ,left footed replacement for Johnson was once again clear on Saturday .I actually have some sympathy for Aliadiere and Franks who are being asked to fill in a position which is alien to them.
    Surely there must be a left winger available somewhere on loan???

  23. Stockton Red
    The situation is compounded if you play 4-3-3, you are at home and the left back is very much a defender and not comfortable getting forward.
    The side looks quite solid if not over attacking. Lita and Aliadiere are very pacy and both goals came from their runs but throw in a couple of more attack minded full backs and there would be more impetus.
    Naughton got better on the right as the match wore on but Pogi wanted to retreat to be alongside McManus and Wheat at every chance he got. I am not criticising him but that is the nature of his game, give him some walls to run through and he is like a pig in brown stuff, show him wide open spaces and cross the halfway line he suffers a nose bleed.
    As an aside did the predictor on the BBC site. If we draw on Saturday, Cardiff and Boro go into the final games away at Derby and Leicester respectively on 69 points, Cardiff on a better goal difference and occupy 6th place. Sheff U are 8th on 67 points and play at Ipswich.
    Win at Cardiff and we get should into the play offs. Simples! Or not, just the slight matter of all the other matches between now and then and winning at Cardiff.

  24. Are Cardiff wobbling?
    On the 26th Jan they thumped Bristol City 6-0 at Ashston gate; next up they beat Donny with a last minute winner. But then they got tonked at the toon, but beat P’boro (don’t forget they let a four goal lead slip at London Road earlier in the season). Then a home draw against West Brom, then defeats at home to Barnsley and then at Preston.
    They are wobbling badly and we need to cement that. Can you cement a wobble?
    Don’t forget they bottled the play offs altogether last year with a last day defeat at Sheff Wed. I thought Leicester looked the most catch able of the top six, thankfully Cardiff have decide to give us a chance too. This is definitely must not lose.
    This week Cardiff play one of their games in hand, away to Ipswich. Swansea play theirs away at Watford. Then Leicester host Cardiff, West Brom at home to Blackpool, and the following Tuesday, Boro at Derby, and Sheff Utd v Blackpool.
    If we are still in the hunt after these games I think we are going to be a horrible headache for these teams. Some notable fixtures still to play
    BPool V Swansea
    Cardiff V Sheff utd
    Cardiff V Leicester
    West Brom V Leicester
    Cardiff V Swansea
    Toon V Sheff Utd
    Unmentionables V Cardiff
    Toon V B Pool
    BPool v Unmentionables
    West Brom V Sheff Utd
    Sheff Wed v Sheff Utd
    Come on Boro.

  25. Smogonthetyne Now in Nunthorpe:
    Must agree with you about Lita, I think he totally controlled the opposition half, especially that space between their goalkeeper and last defender !!
    The game was a turgid affair without any obviously skillful play by Boro albeit a win is always welcome. I can’t help thinking that if perormances do not improve dramatically then there will be a large drop in season cards next season.

  26. It was a good win, it was obvious from right at the start of the 2nd half, that we had backed off and gone deep, so while QPR ‘dominated’ we were happy for them to do so. I’m never convinced that is the best tactic, as we usually concede and then find ourselves hanging on, but we didn’t and didn’t, so well done GS2.
    I’d love to see us beat Cardiff, but ultimately while a win would be great, a defeat would be awful, so I’d be happy with a point.

  27. AV, with the Carling cup final yesterday, Man Utd and Villa will have to fit in the postponed league game in at some time. In the event of mammoth fixture congestion could one of the teams still have played the league game on the Saturday and the cup final on the Sunday?
    With massive squads available it should be possible. Or would the FA fine them like Wolves for fielding a weakened side? I only say this as Arsenal see it as an opportunity to play the kids, so had they been in the final with FA Cup, Chimps Lge and EPL matches they might want to do this.
    Could they have played simultaneously? Which one would Wenger attend? Which one would fans watch? Could a player play in both as the Emirates is not from from Wembley?
    I seem to remember Juninho saying that it wasn’t uncommon to play two games in a day towards the end of the Brazilian league.
    **AV writes: I remember Billingham Town played eight games in 12 days once includeding Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the final week. I was *that* far away from getting a game.

  28. Great performance by Lita and the Celtic mob but I cant afford to pay that much to see so little in open play. For the first time ever I left early.
    Two up at half time, sitting back and letting the opposition take command to see if they can score is a load of rubbish. If they had a decent striker we would have been undone.
    I dont know why Aliadierre was taken off as he was getting more into the game and had the beating of the left back and was starting to tackle back even, in fact he just did a great run to the byline and beautiful cross to the penalty spot where your second striker or attacking midfielder is meant to be arriving for a free hit at goal (although our’s weren’t) .
    Kyle Nauton looked very good on the ball which was balanced out by Poggi havin a mare at left back.
    A very Frustrating win with little to make me believe we can make the playofffs .

  29. ‘Powered by pure Hicktonite’ great phrase AV, I’ve logged it in my quotation file for future use!
    As we all agree next week’s game is now looking rather juicy. A win for Boro would put us right in with a shout (also the psychological lift it would give players and fans is not to be under estimated), a draw would keep us in with a shout of a top six finish, a defeat would probably mean no top six finish this year, not because of the maths but because it would show that when the heat is on we can’t respond.

  30. Ignorant,
    How exactly did Pogi have a mare on Saturday?
    I thought the whole back five were excellent, particularly Naughton and man of the match McManus.
    Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier – the ‘fans’ that booed Jones’ name before kick off – utterly shameful. If Danny Coyne got injured/sent off, and Jones comes on to a crescendo of boos, could someone tell me which team that will be helping? It certainly won’t be us.
    The reception for Arca wasn’t much better. I know he’s been poor this season, but I really would love for someone to explain to me how booing him on to the pitch is going to help matters.

  31. I had down for a win against QPR. I have us down for a loss against Cardiff and the inevitable point against Newcastle at home the following week.
    But I still maintain that in order to get to the play offs we will have to win these 5 games on the trot and I think its MORE than doable.
    Everyone with me? 🙂

  32. As ‘Ignorant’ of boroland said:
    ‘Two up at half time, sitting back and letting the opposition take command to see if they can score is a load of rubbish. If they had a decent striker we would have been undone.’
    Too true, remember Barnsley, from a position of total control we were left hanging on, thankfully their centre forward had a head shaped like a biscuit tin and didn’t punish us. I heard Strachan say that, that was the plan, sit back and soak it up. To be fair we have got away with it both times but it is not good for the nerves.
    Also Nigel ‘McReevalinho’ Reeve hits the nail on the head. Not so much about points but winning when we have to. Cardiff is a massive test of this new Boro. Can we win when we have to? Even if we get to the play offs we would probably need to get a result away from home at a top six club.

  33. In response to the “I hate the jawdees more than I love the boro” dimwit who has recently posted a few times on this blog , may I say that apart from on March 13th, I will be rooting for Newcastle on a few occasions.
    I see that they still have to play Barnsley, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest & Blackpool at home and Bristol City away. Seeing as we wont catch them, I wish them all the best in getting 15 points from those games.

  34. Watched the Dave Jones interview on BBC website and their is a very unhappy manager. If that is typical of what is happening in the dressing room and on the training ground then Cardiff are wobbling like Dong Goal Less’s legs.
    If we have a real go we stand a chance, get amongst them and the hint is they dont like it.

  35. Completely unrelated to the thread but…
    With Warnock moving to QPR that leaves a managerial vacancy at Crystal Palace. Anyone know any ex-Crystal Palace players with managerial experience? It would be nice to see Gareth back in the game. Regardless of whether you see him as a good prospect handed a poisoned chalice or the worst manager we’ve ever had, everyone deserves a second chance. I hope he gets it.

  36. Reaching in to my bag of Boxing analogies…
    Gareth: Look, kid, I – how much you weigh, son? When you weighed one hundred and sixty-eight pounds you were beautiful. You coulda been another Juninho, and that skunk we got you for an agent,, he brought you along too fast.
    Cattermole: It wasn’t him, Gareth, it was you. Remember that night at the Riverside you came down to my dressing room and you said, “Kid, this ain’t your night. We’re going for the price on Wigan.” You remember that? “This ain’t your night”!
    My night! I coulda taken Wigan apart! So what happens? They gets the title shot outdoors on the park and what do I get? A one-way ticket to Mackem-ville! You was my brother, Gareth, you shoulda looked out for me a little bit. You shoulda taken care of me just a little bit so I wouldn’t have to take them dives for the short-end money.
    Gareth: Oh I had some bets down for you. You saw some money.
    Cattermole: You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it. It was you, Gareth.

  37. BoroPhil,
    Pog seemed to me to be off the pace a bit from where I was sitting on Saturday. He kept getting beat by their right winger. Its no surprise that some of his passes went astray though as I dont know how he and Aliadiere can gel up the left side as the team gets changed round all the time.
    As for the booing , yes you have a point,its not clever but eee you’ve got to laugh.
    The fans want to make it clear to the manager that they dont want Jones in goal again , if possible, not while Danny Coyne is fit anyway. I agree with that coz its been frustrating but I wasnt booing.
    You must agree its no coincidence that our results have improved since Coyne got back in goal and Wheater got a partner next to him who is a leader.
    My verdict on the players wasnt all bad but my verdict on the football on offer was.

  38. I’m not saying I’d rather have Jones in goal, he might be a better keeper but his confidence is shot to pieces. The point is he might have to play at some point this season through no choice of GS2’s and booing him while he is sat on the bench isn’t going to improve that confidence. Imagine the boost he would get if we cheered him on after Danny Coyne limps off v Newcastle.
    Can’t see our fans doing that though unfortunately. Much better to lose the game, though content that we have sent a message to Jones and GS2 that he is unwanted.

  39. Incidentally, there is a bit of a Danny Coyne ‘love in’ going on to the soundtrack of Boney M . Infact I can see the day that the North stand will be wearing Afro wigs,white flares and a large collared white jacket to match. Unbuttoned of course to give freedom of movement when we are pullin shapes in a Bobby Farrell style. And no need for a shirt , a wild boar tooth necklace will do the trick.
    Anyone who hasnt been to a match when Coyne has been in goal won’t have heard the Danny Coyne/ Daddy Cool songs. I was too busy supporting the team or SHOUTING to hear properly the Boro lyrics to what sounded like Boney M’s ‘Rivers of Babylon’ echoing warmly round the back of the North Stand. Can anyone tell me them?

  40. As I was sat in the car I listened to more detail about the Red Knights trying to buy ManU. Talk is of £1billion as a starting point.
    So the Red Knights will ride in on their chargers to rescue the ditressed maiden that is Man from the evil Baron Glazer and his sons.
    I see a slight flaw. The chargers are likley to be of the black variety as typified by a certain high street banking monolith. You know the type I mean, mean being the operative word unless it is bonuses for senior employees.
    Unless these Red Knights have pots of money down their sofas then the club will be saddled with even more debt and have a consortium to run the club rather than a hands off family. They may of course have a multi billion oil baron in the background who will pay for it all.
    Portsmouth are in the high court trying to fend off HMRC, West Ham have paid millions for a few games from Llundberg and Dyer – a think it worked out about a million a game.
    Suddenly this Steve Gibson fella doesnt seem so bad, one weakness is that a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.

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