Boro’s True Gates Revealed… By Nostradamus?

WELL THERE’S a surprise. Attendences of late have been well below the declared figure. Boro have admitted that they count everyone who pays to see the game – that is they start from the season ticket base and add away fans and walk up on to it.
That is not unusual in the industry and is totally logical but has served to disguise the collapse in support this term. The evaportation was most obvious in the Cardiff game when a declared crowd of 17,232 was widely met with laughter and described on this blog as having the authority of a North Korean election result.
The true attendence for the Cardiff match was just over 14,000 – which means that the crisis of faith is now so pronounced that several thousand season card holders did not bother to turn up for the high stakes small screen showdown.

Meanwhile, here;s this week’s scientific analysis of Boro’s plight…
Nostradamus 4 Boro 0
FORGET two World Wars, Hitler and the Twin Towers… did Nostradamus really predict the rise and fall of mighty Boro as a major European power?
Could it be that the French poet-seer really foretold the arrival of Steve Gibson to guide the club from liquidation to the heights of Eindhoven?
Did the much mistranslated medieval Mystic Meg see Boro’s move to a the Riverside, the arrival of Juninho, the Carling Cup triumph at Cardiff and the spectacular UEFA Cup campaigns?
It sounds crazy. After all, not even the wildest imaginations of the most drunken and delusional ra-ra optimists could ever have conjured up such lunatic flights of fancy when we were collectively trapped in the dream crushing harsh reality of the Holgate, let alone a stand-up pre-destination pedalling populist from the 16th Century .
Yet, there is a persuasive radical new reading of the predictive powers of the centuries old Quantrains that suggest a revealing insight into the recent turbulent history of the club..
Of course, the shifting sands of the frequently mistranslated manuscripts don’t stand up well to scientific scrutiny. They are vague, open to all manner of retrospective reading to give myriad interpretations.
They are light on details of date and place but heavy on poetic, occult, astrological and apocalytptic Biblical illusion to plagues and disasters that academics have rubbished time and again .
Let’s be honest, it could all mean anything you want and unless you squint a bit, suspend disbelief and have a PhD level working knowledge of the nuances of post-Renaissence colloloquial latin it all comes down to the same heady alchemic cocktail of gullibility and wishful thinking that makes advertising work and ensures the prolific annual sales of Olde Scrofula’s Almanac.
That said, it is hard not to recognise a chilling kernel of truth in some of the 500 year old verses.
Take the quantrain that first slashed through my cloak of cynicism with a dagger of plausibility as I flicked through satellite’s documentary channel ghetto on a rare night not occupied by Nazi-porn.

“the soldier’s son will lead a led a young battalion
from the dark abyss of death and defeat
through two leagues of battle’s roar
to unite the people of the lion in glory”

That’s Bruce Rioch surely!
The boring boffin argued it foretold the Duke of Marlborough’s victory in the battle of Minden when he marched a rag-tag column of child soldiers through six miles under musket fire to defeat three crack French cavalry regiments and establish English (the lion) military power on the continent.
Nonsense. It is clearly about Rioch – son of a sergeant major – and his legendary marshalling of a group of iconic local lads who took Boro (the lion!) from the brink bankruptcy to successive promotions, rallied the crowds and established a new momentum that was to be the engine of the Riverside Revolution.
And there’s more. Take this earlier pair of quatrains:

“when gates of iron are chained in penury
the old gate fortress will fall
but the lion will rise again
by the course of steel serpent
“an alchemist of humble birth
shall transport base elements
and turn rust and ruins
into an age of gold and glory”

Now, it might be just me stretching it a bit but come on; ‘gates of iron chained’… if that is not the liquidator’s padlocks on the Warwick Street entrance in 1986 I’ll get a mackem tatttoo on my bum.
‘Old gate’ is of course the pre-workhouse fram on the site of Ayresome; the lion is clearly Boro and the steel serpent the lifeblood of the Ironopolis, the river Tees on which the new ground is built; ‘transport base elements’ … and what exactly does humble Park End raised Steve Gibson’s company do again? Spooky.
So far so tenuous. But this is where it gets uncanny.
At the time Nostradamus was writing America had just been discovered. It was barely 50 years since Columbus’s first footfall and it was still a wild and primitive continent dismissed as a factor in European politics .
The following two quatrains divide Nostradamaticians who think variously it is about the USA joining in two World Wars, Napoleon’s serial small man syndrome attempts to smash the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a Biblical End of Days Armageddon sparked by fundamentalists in the White House.
For me it is about Juninho.

“from the New World,
three times a king shall come,
stature small but giant heart,
to lead painful march on Two Towers
Then after retreat and exile,
and fruitless false dawn,
the king shall return in glory
to seal a quest for silver.”

You’re ahead of me now aren’t you? New World… three times… Little Fella, big heart… double heart-ache at Wembley’s Twin Towers… return in glory to lift the League Cup? How much evidence do you want?
And talking of the League Cup….

“When the waking lion roars
in the land of the dragon,
the roof of the dome
will rip asunder in exultation.”

The experts, mainly deranged swivel eyed conspiracists and people who have book collections with an unhealthy emphasis on positive views on witchcraft and graphic historics of medieval torture techniques, insist this predicts a new crusade led by English troops to destroy the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and unleash the second coming.
What do they know? It’s about Boro winning the Carling Cup in Cardiff – ‘the land of the dragon’ – when they closed the roof and we blew it off on the whistle.
Look at the very next verse:

“stone jowls will quiver
in false mitigation
as the Dutch privateer twice
inflicts a sore penalty.”

What’s that got to do with an armed incursion into the Holy Land? Nothing! The so-called ‘experts’ can’t explain it or how it relates to the previous verse. They are plucking things out of the air. They waffle on about Netherlands based or flagged pirates and Mount Rushmore as a simile for Uncle Sam. Poppycock!
It is obvously about Fat Sam Allardyce spitting his dummy in over Bolo Zenden’s ‘two bootiful’ spot-kick.
And what about Boro’s UEFA Cup run? If Nostradamus can bother himself to tune in the crystal ball and act as a pre-emptive pools panel over a provincial club’s big day out in Wales surely he must have set his mystic Sky Plus for a series link?
Well, take a look at this, often seen as aluding obliquely to the Papal bloc uniting against protestant England in the Dutch wars of succession:

“Four Spanish banners will fly
over the lion’s corpse
when Rome takes revenge
in a Low Country field”.

Sevilla 4 Boro 0 in Eindhoven. Say no more.
**Next week: Maccarone, McClaren and the Mayan 2012 Prophesies.
Feel free to “research” some telling quantrains of your own. Maybe you know a verse predicting Boro’s purchase of Alves, or the arrival of a flame haired Caledonian warrior?
Or maybe you want to dish out a few Christmas presents to Boro players? Or each other? Anything but talk about the football.
Merry Christmas.


41 thoughts on “Boro’s True Gates Revealed… By Nostradamus?

  1. A.V. Excellent article, love to know what you were on when you wrote it. Whatever it was, can you send me the recipe please….

  2. On the issue of” attendancegate”.
    The club knew this game, the last before Christmas, had been picked for live T.V. coverage. It was always likely to be freezing cold, Sunday lunch k.o., second home game in a week etc etc.
    If ever there was a game to do a one off ticket promotion [say the kids for a quid offer] this was it. And what did we get? Nothing. I’m sorry there are people getting a wage out of this club who are getting their money for nothing [marketing, sales and PR.].
    Anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all contributors . Lets hope 2010 gives us a little more cheer than 2009.
    **AV writes: You think that one was cryin g out for an offer? Wait until shock of the full price for Man City kicks in and the ST holders are taken out of the equation. That game could see a crowd of, what, 12,000?

  3. Ditto Chris from Beverley.
    First time I’ve smiled / laughed about anything Boro since, well, actually QPR wasn’t that long ago was it?

  4. Nostradamus predicts the appointment and failure of Strachan:
    A doubtful one will not come far from the realm, (That’s Scotland and Strachan – after devolved government and just ask the Celtic fans)
    The greater part will want to uphold him: (the Boro fans who wished for Southgate’s dismissal)
    A Capitol will not want him to reign at all,( AV that’s you – and ok that’s two capitals and with an “a” not an “o” but it was originally in Latin!!!
    He will be unable to bear his great burden. (That’s Strachan out of his depth)

  5. Excellent AV. Who can argue with these self-evident interpretations …
    Let’s just hope he was not right with this one predicting the lame performance of the team of counterfeit competitors (players) with a crippled (clearly meaning cash-strapped) manager and it being too late in the day now to recover the situation….
    “When within the nation shall be seen a cripple,
    His competitors will be declared to be counterfeits:
    He & the nation shall become so seriously ill,
    That before he can recover, it will be too late.”

  6. “When Germanic wall is breeched
    The waves will wash away the rock
    And the false saint bequeathed
    Will not stop the fatal tide”
    **AV writes: Good one.

  7. This time last year I was saying that we should concentrate on the League and staying up rather than even bothering about the FA Cup. 12 months on and my view is exactly the same, except survival is in the Championship this time.
    Attendance wise I see we have banned more fans than most other clubs, I reckon they were also included in the “official” attendance figures. After all that has been said and “not done” you would have thought by now that someone in MFC would have finally realised its time to drop the spin and bull. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people, especially when 40% of them no longer bother to turn up.
    Onto things Nostradamus:
    “The river that tries the new Celtic heir
    Will be in great discord with the Empire:
    The young prince through the ecclesiastical people
    Will remove the sceptre from the crown of the U.K.”
    Now my take on that is that the 1st line river means the Riverside/MFC and refers to the coming to the Riverside of GSII (Celtic heir).
    The second line refers to the general bull and spin (discord) with the Empire (the Boro fans not Pub).
    Now we need to know who the “young prince” will be (Jinky?) who through the “ecclesiastical people” (I take ecclesiastical to mean those for whom MFC can do no wrong and are religious in their unquestioning support or “Foamees” as we affectionately call them) who will remove the sceptre from the crown of the UK?
    Now Sceptre is a Staff owned by the ruling monarch (reigning champions/winners? surely not SG himself?), Crown could mean a cup or other gliterry asset. Does this then imply that there are indeed better times ahead and another domestic (UK) trophy?

  8. What was it Keith Lamb said? Something along the lines of “The town will get the club it can afford”?
    I think Nostradamus put it better:
    Within the isles a very horrible uproar,
    One will hear only a party of war,
    So great will be the insult of the plunderers,
    That they will come to be joined in the great league.

  9. This one appears be about our current peril, as well as suggesting that Keith Lamb’s time at the club will be coming to an end before long:
    The change will be very difficult:
    City and province will gain by the change:
    Heart high, prudent established, chased out one cunning,
    Sea, land, people will change their state
    Nice of Nostradamus to include a little bit about climate change at the end there. Top bloke.

  10. “From the enslaved populace, songs, chants and demands,
    while Princes and Lords are held captive in prisons.
    These will in the future by headless idiots
    be received as divine prayers.”

  11. Vic, you’ve surpassed yourself. That is pure genius. You deserve the Nobel Prize for Journalism, or whatever that thingy’s called.
    “an alchemist of humble birth
    shall transport base elements”
    Steve Gibson and Bulkhaul! Brilliant!

  12. stocktonred – if the club dared try any kind of innovative ticket promotion, they’d be shouted down by bitter and twisted season ticket holders. I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t bother.

  13. The Clash: Only the words have been changed to shame the guilty:
    Lost In The Championship – The Club
    Rome’s Burning – The Board
    Brand New Mercedes – The Players
    I’m So Bored With M.F.C. – The Fans
    Armageddon Time – The Future

  14. Oh, this is good. How about…
    Police on my back for Marlon King
    All the young punks (new boots and contracts) – for the kids at Rockliffe
    Rock the Casbah for Mido/Shawkey
    Spanish Bombs – Mendieta’s stories to the press in Spain
    Armagideon Time – what’s going to happen at the end of the season

  15. Great read AV should have added GS2 and SG to the picture and made him our first signing maybe too old to play but could predict the score then the players would know if they needed to turn up or not.
    40 deg in sunny SA have a great xmas all you guys dont freeze em off this weekend lets hope the new year brings better things for our reds, Would a win against Scunny be our first double!

  16. Excellent work! It often takes the painstaking research of dedicated men to unveil the truth and it seems you look set to join those elite scholars AV.
    No doubt your book of Untypical Revelations is due to be published soon, followed by a Southbank special and endless appearances on chat shows.
    It’s clear what the quatrains are telling us – I discovered one about Gibson’s financial restucturing that lead to Boro’s downsizing and the selling of players and his relocation to the Channel Islands (France) where he warns of the need not to overspend. It also seems to indicate that the club will be financially better off if they don’t extend the contract of the Count (countless treasure: You ought not to extend further there).
    “Great confusion in the enterprise,
    Loss of people, countless treasure:
    You ought not to extend further there.
    France, let what I say be remembered.”

  17. AV, I have tried but I just can’t seem to talk about the football. I do like the Clash but the stones are my faves, so here goes
    Come on – anthem for Boro fans
    Not Fade away – a bit late
    19th Nervous break down – life of a boro fan/reporter
    You can’t always get what you want – Don’t we know it
    Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo – we are in it
    Sympathy for the Devil – Merry Christmas Nottingham Forest
    Happy holidays one an all. Come on boro do the business on Boxing day.
    **AV writes: Something I have often been accused of by the club… Paint It Black.

  18. Farewell, my old fan.
    Having scribbled on it,
    What could I do but tear it
    At the end of the summer?
    Matsuo Basho
    from – The Narrow Road to the Deep North
    **AV writes: We are getting high-brow today. Shall we start a book club next year?

  19. My take on Boro Mad Nostrodamus, writings.
    “From the enslaved populace, songs,
    Chants and demands (Holgate end/North Stand chants of C’mon Boro.)
    While princes and lords are held captive in prisons.( The Season card holders and box owners)
    These will in the future by headless idiot
    Be received as divine prayers.”(Wishful thinker Larry the Lamb)

  20. If we are going to have some song titles to go along with Nostradamus how about
    ‘Gordon is a moron’ by Jilted John. A view of certain elements of Borodom.
    ‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison, enough said. (though I still chuckle at the episode of Fools and Horses. Cheer yourselves up.
    ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ by Elvis, couldnt possible refer to our new enterprise at Hurworth.
    ‘I cant get no, satisfaction’ Stones. That is all of us I’m afraid at the moment.
    ‘Only the Lonely’ by Orbison, the fan with the season ticket in the South East corner.
    ‘I get knocked down’ Chumba Wumba for Sue Watson’s friends in the South Stand.

  21. “We’ve come up 10 points shy of where we need to be at the half-way point. That’s poor.
    “And obviously, if we carry on this way we will be 20 points short when it matters at the end of the season and that’s nowhere near good enough” Gary O’neil.
    To me this just shows the ambition of the club, obviously were aiming to finish 2nd, surely at the start of the season you should be looking to finish as champions? Then if you fall short of that you finish 2nd and still get promotion, aim for 2nd and fall short you get the lottery of playoffs.
    Working on O’Neil’s same logic we will finish 40 points short if we carry on this way not 20 because as said before we should have been aiming to be champions. The league is poor.
    Great to see Barnsley nearly sold out!
    Merry Christmas AV & everyone from the 35,000 poster!

  22. Back here in the pub, things are looking a little more hopeful. We have good news and bad news, though I’m not sure which is which.
    On the one hand I’ve been engaged on an exercise of “download your own childbirth kit” from the internet, with help from the local hospital. The top shelf having been emptied some time ago, we have sobered up the fat lass “happy drinker” who had spent much of the first few days snoring on a bench at the back of the pub, between bouts of heavy drinking. She still doesn’t have her necklace or engagement ring back from the till, but has gained a morbid sense of humour.
    We now know that “Happy” started training as a nurse but was kicked out for failing her exams in 1989 (a lesson there for student hopefuls – you rarely perform your best in the examination room when heavily hung over). For the last 10 years she has worked as a cleaner at the local vet’s. Anyway she is the nearest we have to a midwife, and she is mugging up from the stuff I have downloaded. I don’t know whether she is the more scared, or Mhaire.
    When we first realised we were trapped here, no-one paid any attention to the teenaged Irish girl nursing a soft drink in the alcove near the back door. Some of the older drinkers remembered her “partner” though, as he was much older and had moved away to work at down south at a furniture factory when jobs were hard to find here in the 80’s. Don’t know why he’s brought her here. Eight months pregnant, miles away from home and blockaded in a pub with people you don’t know! Still, no real concerns until she started to feel “twinges” early this morning. You’ve never seen so many people decide at the same time they all wanted to visit the lavatory!
    Actually the lavatory – that’s another story and somewhere you don’t want to go after this long in here, but I won’t go into detail.
    So, the laptop was switched back on, and “Happy” dragooned into reluctant service. Well, she has had three children of her own (though she hasn’t been allowed to see them for a few years, something about having gone to Cyprus for a short break whilst the 10 year old twins and the 8 year old were left at home – she feels this was harsh as the larder was full). She knows more about medical things than the rest of us, so we’re leaving it to her to get on with.
    On the other hand, in the last hour we have located a secret “stash”! Heavy questioning of the publican, with threats of violence interspersed with cajoling, resulted in the production of a key that fitted the lock to the cupboard door at the back of the cellar. On its shelves – what a sight! Several bottles of single malt, some other assorted spirits, two cases of wine (don’t want to sound ungrateful but more a question of quantity than quality), 24 boxes of Vesta Curries, and two tins of Marvel powdered milk.
    I thought they’d stopped making the Vesta Curries 20 years ago and they look so old they don’t have a sell-by date, but we’re hungry and don’t care. That dog came so close so meeting his vindaloo, he’ll never know. The kettle is on as I speak. I think it will be a close call as to where the hot water goes first – to reconstitute the dehydrated curries or to our “midwife”. Could be tricky.
    Anyway, it’s still cold outside. There were signs of a thaw, but it looks like it has started to snow again. We had hoped to be out by now but have heard that rescuers are on their way and we now have some more food and more drink. Swings and roundabouts. I’ll let you know if we manage to keep the hard stuff away from “Happy”. I hope so as the young lass is looking very uncomfortable. The rest of us are now hoping to last long enough to be able to get out in time for the Scunthorpe game.
    I am trying to keep spirits up (or down, in the case of the Highland Park) but one or two have wondered whether it might be better to be stuck here long enough to miss the game. Couldn’t possibly comment personally…..

  23. I’ve been away since the Cardiff game. When I left, this blog was about football, so I’m having some difficulty catching up.
    I’ve now gathered that Nostradamus was a real person and not, as I’d been assuming, Forever Dormo posting under a new name.
    But I still can’t make the connection between Nostradamus and The Clash. Was he the guy who replaced Mick Jones? From what I read above, I have to say his lyrics were dreadful. Was he previously in Yes?
    Not surprised The Clash threw in the towel.
    Merry Christmas.

  24. Merry Xmas to all Boro Fans 6 points Is a must! And whoever wants Mido back must be crazy – stats for Mido at Zamalek played 10 league games scored 1!Shocking.
    We should never have signed the guiness book of records holder for eating Chicken Parmo!Thats all he was good for!

  25. SALVATION! Unbelievably the best day ever! Much better than 29th February 2004 or when the last goal was scored against Steaua. Since some of you might have started to worry, I’ll tell you what happened.
    Before we discovered the food and drink in the locked cupboard I had begun to wonder if we might make it out of here. The find caused spirits to soar. Only a few hours after the “feast” presented by the Vesta curries and, even though it might have been the whisky and the bottles of wine (did you know there was such a thing as an Armenian cabernet sauvignon?), the earlier maudlin thoughts had started to set in again. It started to look as bleak as before.
    However there is something about a piercing scream from a teenage girl that grabs the attention, and in the flood of activity afterwards, there was little time to be philosophical. It had been dark for ages and very quiet outside when “Happy’s” finest moment came. She should be a saint. Fancy delivering a child at the back of a pub! Mother and child (to be known as Jesse, I understand) are fine, and Father helped us to wet the baby’s head in the remnants of the Cabernet and some whisky.
    So we then settled down contentedly, taking it in turns to sit in front of the dying fire. The beermats had run out ages before and we started to debate which of the bar stools was the most rickety, and should therefore be the next to be thrown onto the embers.
    Football hadn’t been mentioned for hours. Until, that is, a debate arose with the closet Geordies (well and truly “outed” by now) about which club the youngster would play for in 17 years’ time. Democracy, and common sense, prevailed and the pub’s youngest inhabitant soon had Spikey’s Boro scarf wrapped around him (for warmth, you understand).
    By common consent, he is destined to be a world class striker: good in the air and able to do miracles with the ball at his feet. He has the look of a leader about him already. He’ll be priceless. We could do with him now at the Boro, and I’m not sure we can wait 17 years.
    Suddenly we could hear voices from outside, and then some arc lights were set up to illuminate the area. The happy sound of shovel against snow and ice could then be heard, though the driven mounds outside were so hard and thick that it took hours for them to break through. Eventually the barrier was breached and three members of the Eastern Moors Mountain Rescue Team forced their way into the pub, to thunderous applause (and general hugs).
    We hadn’t heard the Salvation Army arrive outside but they had obviously been busy whilst the diggers did their work. And no-one has eaten a more enjoyable early hours meal: frankfurter sausage buns, coffee from the Sally Army Urn (never has Gold Blend been so welcome), and as many Mars Bars as you could eat. Frankfurters, Gold Blend and Mars – what more could anyone ask for?
    Whilst the barman is busy totting up the damage to our credit cards (a little mean I think) I am taking the opportunity to finish off the last bottle of cabernet and type in these final words. We are all fed and watered, and the snow and ice has been cleared at the entrance to allow everyone to leave without having to crawl through the tunnel that was our first access to the outside world. Everyone here is acting like a lifelong friend of one another. How long will it last?
    I seem to remember leaving the car outside some days ago, but there are just long mounds of snow and ice on both sides of where the road was when I last saw it. I might have to come back later to work out where the car is.
    But at least we are all free to leave. Going to the Scunthorpe match looks a possibility after all. It’s been like a dream. And at a time when the football has so often been a nightmare, we could do with some dreams at the Riverside again.
    Provided I can find the car, I will be in the congregation at the Riverside on Boxing Day, singing my heart out and hoping for a miracle. I hope to see you all there.
    Let’s hope the players and backroom staff have the faith, determination, (and a little luck) needed to succeed in the next five months or so.
    **AV writes: All’s well that ends well.

  26. Interesting comments from Stricken about “non Players” knowing nothing of value. Its a bit like those who vote knowing nothing about politicians or politics which even if true doesn’t stop the majority getting their way rightly or wrongly, just ask GSI. To put a more relative perspective on it several 1966 England World Cup Winners entered the field of Management and failed miserably so if the reverse is not correct then perhaps he needs to re think his logic.
    The contributors on here have been highlighting for years the gradual demise and faults within MFC which have been stubbornly and childishly ignored to the cost and detriment of all concerned. Another point is that experienced Managers and Directors can move in and out of different Industries achieving success because the basic skills are the same, Organisation, Motivation, Achievement, Analysis, Inspiration, Team Building, Leadership, Training, Development etc. etc.
    Football is just another Industry, especially these days and the lack of the aforementioned creates failure. A large number of contributors on here and other sites are well educated and very experienced senior managers and directors.
    I have no doubt GSII has a plan but so far his record lays testimony to the effectiveness of that plan. I understand better than most that a radical change in methods and machinery often means an initial slump while the retraining process beds in but playing teams like Plymouth (who have since removed their Manager) and Peterborough and gaining only 1 point is not acceptable under any circumstances. The current Championship Form table exposes his plan, its no good planning just for the long term future, you have to have short term objectives achieved simultaneously otherwise you will never reach your long term goals.
    Tomorrow’s game against Scunthorpe will be a watershed for GSII. Lose or draw and his last remaining ounce of credibility with the die hards (i.e. like myself who spend Xmas morning focussed on Boro rather than PS3’s or finding Lego pieces for our kids) is gone.
    It makes me think that his comments are almost a pre emptive strike which says a lot about his state of mind and belief. Tactically to date he has been found wanting on several occasions with formations and selections verging from the incredulous to just plain simply illogical and bizarre with suspiciously strong overtones of the old failed coaching staff.
    Scunny represents his last opportunity to play his best 11 in their best positions and stop the amateurish Psycho bull. It fools nobody not least of all I’m sure Steve Gibson who by now must be doubting the wisdom of entrusting any form of warchest to someone who so far has struggled to impress.
    We all need GSII to be succesful but more importantly he needs to listen to those fans who do know, the fans that warned accurately of the fate of Boro years and months before it happened. This fan warned only last week to expect a 14K crowd v. Cardiff. Nostradamus eat your heart out!

  27. Forever Dormo –
    How did you cope for Xmas dinner? And I hope the dog has a full complement of legs.
    Redcar Red –
    Your comments about GS2’s tactics reminded me of a topic I have aired several times in the past.
    In the reign of Steve MacBlackadder, an experienced coach if not manager, we were often witness to Baldrick style tactics and formations as well as a morbid dislike of entertainment. Oddly we appeared to do better in matches after he was away on England duty.
    When Gate started in management he was fairly logical in his selections but he became increasingly bizarre.
    Now we have GS2 who has made some selections that would bring ridicule upon Gate.
    This leads to considering the benefits of the coaching of coaches. As they become more qualified they seem to be imbued with an odd orthodoxy. You know what I mean, square peggism, being ‘clever’, a belief that fans dont know waht they are talking about.
    Maybe Gibbo’s problem is not in picking inexperienced managers but in picking anyone who has been in the system. Maybe he should just go to a junior school or a park and pick the first coach he sees.

  28. AV
    Any chance of the definitive position on Sean St Ledger?
    **Av writes: We had been told for months by both clubs that they had signed and sealed agreements in place for Jan 1st. It turned out that it was a three way deal and it all rested on SSL also signing his transfer form for the deal to go through, which when he arrived and Southgate was in charge he fully intended to do.
    However, it appears he has now been persuaded otherwise. Possibly by the new manager’s more demanding/abrasive/lee indulgent approach and his request to the club to find some money for transfers.
    The deal would have given SSL a hefty pay rise and a signing on fee on Jan 1st so him scrapping it – and it appears that is the key – means he has turned down what could have been a lucrative move. He loses, Boro lose (well, presumably at least the £1.5m ‘loan’ fee paid up front) and preston lose because the cash strapped club had budgeted on the SSL cash to stay afloat. Presumably he is still for sale, or others there now are.
    Boro may have now found some cash and that may be very welcome if GS2 is to press ahead with a major overhaul but it has been a very expensive mistake.

  29. AV, one of the local newspapers is telling: “St Ledger’s move to Boro called off”. Any news on that? This could save us 4.5 M GBP…
    Up the Boro?

  30. I hope everyone had a great fun filled Christmas Day.
    Like many I’m not particularly looking forward to today, I used to love my Boxing Day games but I have struggled with the decision to go today or have an afternoon out on the High Street in Yarm. Anyway, common sense has gone out of the window and I’ll be taking my seat in the North Stand.
    I hope that Strachan has the good sense to listen to the fans and get his best 11 out, no square peggism and including relieving Jones of his goal keepers jersey to reinstate Coyne.
    He’s got to show the fans he’s trying to stop the rot, and surely he cannot be blind to the fact that Jones has cost us dearly reently, along with a fragile defence that needs to concentrate on their job without worrying about what their keeper is doing (or not doing) behind them.
    I’m glad St Ledger isn’t available, in fact personaly I don’t rate him as any form of replacement for Huth and I also believe he has been culpible in the drop in Wheaters form. They do not form a good partnership, so I expect The Redcar Rock to rediscover his true defensive qualities with Pogi back in the centre.
    For the sake of everyone associated with this club I pray to god that we get a positive result today.

  31. AV
    It may work out to all parties benefit but I would remind everyone not to pin their hopes on a Riggott return. He is a good lad but has never stayed fit long enough to cement a place.

  32. Being a person who’s rather cynical of footballers, I would guess that St Ledger already has another club lined up ready to match or even better Boro’s personal package – perhap even a desperate PL club with more cash than sense – of which there are plenty.
    Overall, I see this as £3m saved rather than £1.5m lost as I doubt we would have seen any profit on what looked an overpriced deal – even if he’d lived up to expectations.
    Anyway, I’m sure Boro will manage without him and for £3m you could easily buy an unknown dutch forward and… leave him on the bench – though it might buy a fragile french midfielder then who might be fit one day… or half of an egyptian with a bad atttitude? or possibly one leg of a rusty brazilian goal machine… OK best just keep it in the bank then.

  33. AV that Coveritlite software needs to be dumped. Once more you were lost.
    Only 3 gadgees in the Virtual Riverside today. They are fretting.
    Yet I can confirm a Virtual South East Terrace gate of 800 million, including the Chinese.
    **AV writes: To be fair, it isn’t CoverIt Live that is the problem. It is a system we use in Trinity that means we often get kicked out of our internet connection, sometimes several times during one half. When that happens it can be hard to get back into CiL because it is already running and to be honest as I am doing a live running match report as my No 1 job, I haven’t got the time to sort it out.
    But it needs resolving quickly because it is three games out of five we have had a problem and you can’t build an audience if it is not reliable.

  34. We may have a failing team, but we’ve surely got one of the best sports journalists in the world. After trawling through the depressing articles and match reports post-New Year’s holiday, you’ve managed to put a genuine smile on my face. Happy New Year, AV!
    **AV writes: Smile? We’ll soon wipe that off. Happy New Year.

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