Where’s Mido?

WHERE’S Mido? Can you spot the elusive pizza loving poacher slapping on the factor 50 when he should be doing doggies at Hurworth? Have you bumped into the heavyweight Egyptian in Sharm-el-Sheik? Did you get stuck behind him and a trolley full of Jeff The Chef parmos in South Bank Asda? Or maybe he was seen licking a lemontop in Redcar. Join in the family fun and help us track down our targetman turned truant?

MEANWHILE, there’s some very interesting number-crunching of the wage bill black hole and bonus payments due now that are a ticking timebomb at crisis-club Newcastle over on the Two Hundred Per Cent blogzine. Crazy beyond belief.
ASTON Villa are currently snifffing around a double Downing/Tuncay deal, a bumper package that Boro value at £20m. This one could have legs….


69 thoughts on “Where’s Mido?

  1. Alan Smith is a clever addition I think, he has plenty of experience and he always seemed to know what he was talking about in his Observer columns. Hopefully he can be the Venables-type figure that Gareth could find useful. At the very least, he’ll be better than Malcolm Crosby.
    Danny Webber, Bryan Hughes? Not much to get excited about, though I’m sure Webber has talent. Not sure we really need another forward with a dubious goals to games record.
    Heard Yeates and Coyne on Tees the other night, both sounded very impressive, obviously really excited to be here and want to play for the club. Can’t argue with that – hopefully Yeates could be a steal at that price.

  2. Latest farce just shows that Southgate obviously commands zero respect from his senior players. And we know he cant manage the young lads either (Cattermole). Now he’s taken to signing a Sheff Utd reject with an abysmal goals to games record.
    On top of the last three years of squandering the clubs money and utterly inept tactics (ah but he is learning from his mistakes…what a laugh) surely Southgate has been found out?
    Come on lets boycott the first game – show the Sky cameras what we really think of Southgate. A bit of fan power. Its for the best for the club in the long run if we get rid of him now. Its time the fans bit back and showed some steel. Non of this ”blind faith”. The ineptitude has gone too far and it is asking too much to expect us to just roll over and die. If we wait until xmas and do nothing we will be heading for League one no question.

  3. Yeah, let’s boycott the first game! Show the Sky cameras and the rest of the country what great fans we are!
    No thanks stevo, I’d rather go and support my team.

  4. Stevo
    I presume your post is a wind up.”Lets show some steel and boycott the first game”. No real fan no matter how concerned, cheesed off or immersed in his own negativity would print this.
    Yeates sounds very promising, Coyne is experienced back up for our one departee and the other lad hasn’t signed yet. If he does sign he’s a squad player.We will not splash money till we get some in because there is no pot. Our major signings will arrive when the money comes in. It is a 46 game season in 8 months and we need a bigger squad.
    If you do not want to go by all means exercise your right to stay away but anybody who wants to see the club he professes to support humiliated in front of a national audience is no supporter in my eyes.

  5. Stevo:
    To reiterate Ian Gill’s sentiment of a few days ago, none of us are exactly overwhelmed by the signings so far, and I know that I’m still utterly hacked off by relegation and the way it happened. However, even I think it’s a bit premature to cast final judgement this far ahead of the opener and without a Championship ball being kicked.
    As I said before, I haven’t renewed my season ticket but, I’m keeping my powder dry until I see what shakes out by around match # 10. By then, the pattern of the season will begin to be unfolding. THEN and only then will the real Judgment Day be approaching.
    It’s all in the club’s court now, but it’s appropriate to give them a fair crack of the whip before turning it on them!

  6. With the kick off now less than 4 weeks away it looks like re-assembling a squad for the new season is going to prove quite difficult for Southgate.
    I figure decent championship players are still probably holding out for a chance of a move to the PL – as are those from relegated clubs like ourselves.
    In terms of this type of player we must bide our time in the overall sequence of events that is the transfer window:
    – First the big boys throw their weight around attempting to prise away the really big fish from each other and also steal the best players from non-champions league clubs.
    – Next the clubs who have lost their stars come around looking to replace them with the best from the rest from other clubs.
    – Following them are the PL strugglers desperately to trying retain their status by gambling money on the ‘were once good’ or ‘good when fit’ or ‘a promising prospect’ (that was Boro)
    – And now it’s our turn, the group of potential Championship promotion favourites, looking between the cracks in the transfer pavement for decent players overlooked by the others or snatching League 1 prospects or trying to persuade former stars in the twilight of their careers to ‘offer their experience for the cause’.
    Meanwhile we have to negotiate deals for selling our want-away players for whom the Championship is an unwelcome abberation. Hopefully, we’ll sell on players soon but getting your price is difficult when everybody know you’re trying to sell – we can’t play the waiting game to long though otherwise we will miss out on the first tier of suitable players.
    I probably agree with Stockton Red that these early targets are probably squad players and we shouldn’t panic or start organising boycotts at this stage. At the end of the day money talks and we should be in possession of quite a kitty after a few sales have gone through.

  7. Whilst I have some understanding of your comment at 9.34pm (stockton red) and at 8.21pm (BoroPhil), let’s not lose sight of an important fact here. The fans can’t bear any responsibility for the horror story that was our 2008/9 season.
    The players on the field (and any whose whereabouts are currently unknown, but are nowhere near the field), and the backroom staff and management of the Club ARE responsible. Our squad, whilst limited, should not have finished 19th in a very poor Premier League.
    I suppose fans can shout their support, they can encourage, they might even (at some grounds) attempt to intimidate the opposition. But at the end of the day if some players’ hearts are not all in it, or we keep playing people out of position, and don’t seem able to move to a Plan B when the first one goes wrong, there’s a limit to how influential the supporters can be.
    Another thought is this. We can put money over the counter, so to speak, by renewing our season cards and buying club produce, however galling it might be to think some small proportion might be contributing to filling up the fuel tank of a white gas-guzzling Rolls Royce when its absentee owner returns to these shores.
    We can even be asked our views when it suits the club to take those on board. Why, for example, ask for supporters’ views on next year’s team strip then go on to ignore what must be an overwhelming support for the “traditional” white chest band? If we aren’t going to listen to the fans, let’s not pretend that we intended to in the first place. Otherwise it smacks of “This is a free election, vote for the party of your choice and, providing I agree with your choice, you can have what you want”.
    If you have limited influence over what happens on the pitch, and if your views (when offered even a small say) in other areas are overridden, what can you do? There is only one choice left, and that is not to buy the product. At the end of the day no-one can ignore that. Even if a megalomaniac billionaire bought a football club as his personal plaything, he wouldn’t want his team to play in front of empty seats, and neither would Sky or any other broadcaster want to show games played in an empty stadium.
    In the final analysis the only decision one can make is whether or not to hand over the money and buy the product. Isn’t that what fans did in the final days of Lennie Lawrence? And, in the final analysis, didn’t that have a positive outcome?
    Don’t get me wrong. I will be there next season (even if I have to miss the first game). But I do have some sympathy for those who feel that not going is the only way (in a paradoxical sense) their voice can be heard.
    We have already hit one iceberg. If the ship seems to be heading towards a second one in a couple of months time, are we expected to be philosophical about it? When does blind faith become stupidity? In Division One, Division Two….?

  8. John – We dont always agree, but we’re united on this one, the current transfer strategy seems perverse to say the least.

  9. Sorry guys but desperate times need desperate measures. Otherwise we are Lemmings.
    I count myself as a loyal fan of the club and have been at many games when 25 thousand other so called fans have not bothered. But what else can the fans do to bring about a change? Keep typing on a messageboard or keeping our fingers crossed? Wont make a single difference.
    Bind faith is leading our club up a blind alley.
    A short term protest might bring about a long term change for the better.

  10. Stevo-
    Lord Ken and Richard have referred to 10 games. Steve Gibson has openly stated his ambition for the season is to do everything to go back up at the first attempt. Southgate has openly stated “we have a budget to be very competitive in this league”.
    If your predicted spiral to disaster continues and we begin next year as we finished the last can you seriously see the manager lasting more than a dozen games? He has nowhere to hide and is in the last chance saloon. Just chill out and lets see what happens.

  11. To contribute to the discussion on support or withdrawal:
    Stevo/ FD et al:
    When agonizing over season ticket renewal or not, other than writing in blogs, I considered how to make my feelings known to the club. I wasn’t convinced at all, that anyone at the club read the fans’ blog comments or otherwise took fans’ views or opinions on board, because of the lack of reaction and change in the football during the course of last season and the seeming absence of urgency to a worsening situation that we had all been pointing out for months.
    There was clear (to me at least) evidence that Gibson’s corporate strategy had changed; whether forced by external circumstances or not, is, de facto, irrelevant. However, that there had been no attempt to keep the fans on-side with such circumstances was, I felt, offensive and we, the supporters, were treated like inconsequential idiots and mushrooms.
    It’s my belief that we were, in effect, deceived by being allowed to continue to think that nothing at the club had changed significantly that was likely to alter our Premier League status. And that was despite growing evidence to the contrary.
    Whether you are from the “Ostrich Management” school of thought, or are of a more conspiratorial and cynical management persuasion, alters little. The fact is that the club, whether by design or default, were more circumspect with information than I and many other supporters felt was helpful or appropriate considering the emotional investment that supporters make in the club.
    In effect, the club Management was disingenuous towards the supporters.
    That was, predominantly, what I found offensive, on top of the poor football fare on offer for the last three seasons. Ultimately, I lost trust in the Management. (By “Management”, I mean from Steve Gibson downwards, and although I don’t entirely exonerate Gareth Southgate, I don’t hold him responsible for having to work within the confines of a changing commercial reality).
    When it became obvious that we were heading for relegation, a few matches from the end of the season, by that time, I had lost all faith in the “Management” – in their ability to either turn the club round or to keep the fans on board. This was despite attempts to do so in certain blogs I’d written in more objective and generous moments, on “Boro Banter”.
    By the time Steve Gibson’s BBC Radio Tees interview was broadcast, no amount of “posturing” or public appeal for “Blind Faith” was ever going to be enough for me to restore what trust had been lost. However, instead of making conciliatory noises, Gibson then piled offense upon offense by certain “positioning” comments to which I and many others took exception. That was disappointing, because we’d come to expect more from our Chairman over the years.
    Perhaps that was naïve and despite an underlying understanding of commercial realities, many of us got too immersed in the ambitious dream?
    Whatever the reality of that psychological condition, I have retreated to a position where I will now have to be convinced once again of the ambitious intent of the club, before I will be prepared to commit to the future as I had done in 10 previous seasons.
    By non-renewal, I (and I suspect many others) will perhaps have sent a message to the club that we are dissatisfied with the club’s performance. But this isn’t just in footballing terms.
    It’s also important that as a retail organisation (i.e. a commercial organisation that deals directly with the public), the Management also understand that it’s not JUST about the football results that protests are being made.
    If supporters cannot be “heard” through opinions expressed via newspapers, blogs or supporters club, and if their concerns are not being acknowledged as having been registered, then the only course of action remaining is to hit the retail establishment where it will HAVE to take notice, or face significant contraction.
    However, given that it is presumably in neither parties’ interests for there to be such significant financial supporter shortfall as to put the whole enterprise in jeopardy, the half-way position of season ticket non-renewal, but match-day attendance on an ongoing match-by-match basis seemed to me to be a sensible way of maintaining honour. If the club convinces doubters like myself, then we’ll continue to offer support. If they don’t honour the commitment that Gibson appeared to be giving on BBC Radio Tees, then they’ll also get what they deserve.
    If they perform, financially, they’ll get more of my money over the next season than they would have had I renewed my season ticket. I don’t have a problem with that, because they’ll have deserved it.
    But they won’t break any more “promises” and still get the benefit of this supporter’s revenue without earning it!
    The above rationale is why I intend to be there for, at least, the first few matches of the coming season and implicit in all of that is the importance of giving Boro a decent chance of succeeding by offering support from the outset, without offering my ongoing loyalty as hostage.
    What happens now in terms of my own relationship with the club is largely in the club’s hands.

  12. Withdrawing our support will only hurt the club. Short term and long term.
    If you think we are destined for League One under the current management (40/1 we are to be relegated I think I heard so put your money where your mouth is?), then I suppose organising protests might be the logical choice of action.
    However, I agree with the bookies, and fully expect us to be challenging at the top from the start.

  13. We were going to the evening do for a wedding on Saturday so planned a mini break. Difficult to get a room in Sunderland so booked and paid for a four star in Durham city centre so we could spend some time pottering about.
    Friday night got a call from the groom, someone has come down with illness could we come for the wedding itself. Agreed and changed our plans.
    Got to the wedding venue around lunchtime and called and reconfirmed the room with the hotel advising them we would be arriving in the evening. Don’t worry Mr Gill, the room is paid for and guaranteed, you can arrive any time, made a note.
    Had a good time at the wedding and arrived at the hotel around 9.00pm. Struggled to get parked in their car park and was advised to just park where we could. Went into reception and the problems started.
    ‘Sorry, Mr Gill, the room is unavailable. We have had a plumbing problem and your room is affected. Let us try and find you another room elsewhere’
    No success with getting a suitable replacement, Durham Miners Gala, and was offered an economy room in a faceless establishment by a motorway junction with no food and rather than a stroll around a pleasant city could stand on a motorway bridge.
    We suspect someone had either double booked or, my favourite, despite making a note someone just sold the room. No attempt had been made to contact us, no answer phone messages. We had a miserable drive in heavy rain back to Derby.
    What on earth has this to do with Boro?
    There are striking similarities to many a trip back from the Riverside and following gross mismanagement of resources now we are offered something that wasn’t in the brochure and should be grateful.
    The words of the poor chap giving the job of stuffing us up was ‘dont let this reflect badly on Radison, please come and stay with us again’ Just need a bit of blind faith.

  14. I got Boro’s new home shirt this morning by post after ordering it last only last week.
    The red is a bit too dark for traditional Boro red but it looks good as a colour of a normal shirt, though. This is the first shirt I own with the new crest – it looks fabulous and not as bad as suspected beforehand as I had read complaints here.
    The year 1876 on thelogo is good – it shows our long history. Even though I will always remember the year 1986, too. All in all I am very satisfied with the Adidas shirt – also it could be the first new type over here in Finland! I am proud to wear it.
    Up the Boro!

  15. Ian Gill
    Sorry to read about your do with the Radison.
    I’ve stayed there once. The hotel receptionist asked me if I would mind filling in a questionnaire so I went outside and punched the doorman.
    **AV writes: It’s the way you tell them…

  16. It’s hard to make sense of the spin coming out of this Riverside at the moment.
    First Gareth tells us that Jinky is our most sought after player and then Lamb announces he’s not for sale – but he’s about to enter the last year of his contract and presumably can start to organise leaving on a free in January if he doesn’t agree a contract extension(or would we still get compensation?).
    We are also told that Downing will be out until winter but Gareth is telling other clubs to buy now to avoid missing out – will somebody buy a player that can’t play until almost the January transfer window?
    I thought Boro would have learned the lesson of trying to spin after last December’s pre-window attempts ended up destroying the moral of several players and ultimately our season.
    On top of that recently sold academy graduates like the Catt and Morrison are being coveted for twice the fees we sold them for – in the meantime we have recently bought players who we’d be lucky to get half the price we paid.
    David Whelan states you can’t replace players like Cattemole – he’s right we didn’t – and Morrison is now the attacking midfielder we have spent three years trying to find. I should also mention we lost the best performing keeper of last year to Fulham and even the Yak discovered both a work rate and heading ability he kept hidden from us.
    I’m still not convinced the three wise men understand how to play the transfer market other than spouting spin that takes us all for fools.
    **AV writes: There is a fault line between contradictory demands: Boro are desperate to make a couple of big sales in order to fund their own rebuilding but they are also keen to give the impression they are no under pressure to sell in order to push up the price. Something has to give. And soon.

  17. James
    Thanks for that advice, I will bear it in mind should the manager ever phone me up as promised.
    My problem is I can find a nice hotel elsewhere but our team is consigned to the motorway service station like the ‘hotel’ we were offered. To be fair Premier Lodge is probably as close as we will get this season.
    By, the way, I have nothing against that chain of hotels but if I wanted to stay at a service station I would have booked for one.

  18. Just to drag people back on topic, does anyone know if Mido turned up for training this morning?
    **AV writes: No he didn’t but the club say he has let them know when he is due back. Our guess is the suggested date is “when freezes over.”

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