A Chink Of Daylight?

PHEW! The boss had finally dubbed the weekly six pointer a “must win match” and Boro duly delivered with a spirited if sometimes scrappy display in a crucial 3-1 win over a tame Tigers side that now look prime candidates for the drop.
Boro played with energy, purpose and a bit of steel at the back and were roared on by a galvanised crowd to a deserved victory. Yes, there were jittery moments: Brad Jones spilled a few balls in the box to cause chaos, David Wheater had to nod one of the line and there was the mandatory slow motion late retreat to the 18 yard line inviting pressure – but then, this is Boro and that comes as part of the package.
What we also got this time was a few breaks – a dodgy corner that led to a goal, some generous refereeing, that ‘player scoring against former club’ routine working in our favour for a change – and some decent finishing plus more than two goals for the first time this season. Now we need to push on and complete a great escape. Come on!
More later.


52 thoughts on “A Chink Of Daylight?

  1. AV
    I agree that it is highly unlikely that any political power would be handed over.
    The club can be more inclusive, as I stated in my reply to John they may well be busy in the background but hiding their lights under a bushell.
    There is much they have done through the community iniatives but there is always more that could be done. Boro Pride was a step in the right direction.
    I think the current relegation battle is the focus for many of us including the club. As I live some distance away it is harder to keep a handle on what is taking place, I must admit I dont take a lot of notice of the club site and depend on the Gazette for info.

  2. The last chance is coming up but this is the perfect time to play Newcastle. They cannot defend and cannot score. 1-0 Boro and Shearer to blow a gasket.

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