Bolton Basement Battle Pundits’ Panel

WAITING for Uncle Eric and the Gazettemobile for yet another make-or-break do-or-die basement battle six pointer and “biggest match so far”. I’ll settle for a draw but then we MUST beat Hull if we are to stay up.
If anyone wants to predict a scenario and result in a sealed envelope I’ll open them them when I get back and see who is the best pundit. It’ll give you something to do while you pace the room anxiously. I’m going for a ‘should have won’ 1-1 draw with point-proving Poggy to score because he owes us one. But what do I know?


13 thoughts on “Bolton Basement Battle Pundits’ Panel

  1. I’m going for an ill-advised, totally mental and against the odds and form, 2-4 in Boro’s favour. Not because of anything logical, you understand, but because I want it!
    I think we’ll rattle their cages, pour guys into their box, fall over outside it, get free kicks galore and lots of corners, with Alves and Downing converting at least one or two. We’re going to be up for it. Wheater and Pogatatez will weigh in with headers or rebounds from set-pieces (at their end).
    Inevitably, we’ll give one or two away because of committing forward, but we’ll get at them so hard, we’ll get more than them.
    We’re going to be simmering angry and full of adrenalin. We’re going to be full of running for all of the 95 minutes it’s gonna take.
    We’re going to be “professional” and pull them back if they look like breaking away. If they get a shot away, there’ll be red-shirted bodies all round it to block it.
    When the thing bobbles around in Boro’s box, great big green hands will claim it before it even bounces a second time. Similarly, crosses into Boro’s box will be plucked out of the air by those same big same green hands, with the precision of a frog zapping a fly with its sticky tongue.
    Even when we’re ahead, we’ll play up the pitch and not retrench into our own box or half. We’re going after these like we did at the Millennium Stadium in February 2004! Two up after 7 minutes, but we’re going on to score 4! (Might even be 5!)
    We may finish the match with 9 or 10 men, but they’ll all be heroes!
    We’re coming back with the 3 points! Then bring on Hull, Fulham, ManArse and the rest! We are the Boro!
    UEFA Cup qualification next season! NO problem!

  2. We will lose to a late goal, similar to Stoke. And my horse Big Fella Thanks won’t make the second circuit. I’m in one of me negative moods today…..

  3. Staying possitve. Staying hopeful Staying up. Come on BORO. cannot get live championship football over here so what will we the Marbella Boro supporters club do on Saturday/Suday afternoons. Go to the beach or watch ManLiverArsanl? Hope not COME ON BORO life is not the same without you.

  4. Must sack him now – he has 0% chance of keeping us up now – never mind how many games are left. GET RID, someone else – ANYBODY – must be brought in now. They will still have more chance of keeping us up, even if it is 0.000001% chance. I like those odds, it is better than our current chances with gate in charge.
    Goodbye southgate – brilliant player and man. Thankyou and best of luck in the future. Hello El Tel or Curbs or Mowbray or Sven or Pearson or my Nan or my dog!… 7 games – best of luck give it your best!

  5. I don’t care that Steve Gibson is standing by Southgate, but Im afraid he is the laughing stock of the entire Premier League. He may be considered to be the best chairman in the Premier League but I’m afraid after this season he could be considered the most stupid chairman in the Premier League too.

  6. You’re going down
    Were going down.
    Never mind, life goes on.
    We’ll both be back sooner rather than later.

  7. I think we will draw to Fulham, draw against Hull, lose the next two and then win our last 3, so 11 points, to leave us on 38 and survive by I’m guessing one point. No reasoning behind these predictions, just guessing at this stage, common sense hasnt worked all season so why pull a Steve Gibson now?

  8. Yet again after the Bolton disaster Southgate comes out with the repetively boring comment about lessons have to be learned quickly. That along with Gibson’s relegation struggle “bolt out of the blue”statement will go down in Boro folklore.
    Having first seen Boro play in 1953/1954-relegation season I’ve seen it all and suffered years of heartache and some joy going through all the emotions.I’ve felt anger,despair, frustration and shed many a tear over the club I love.
    But having witnessed the club rapidly going downhill since Eindhoven I don’t have those feelings anymore.I couldn’t care less that we are going down.I’m not angry or frustrated or sad and don’t shed those tears.
    What I cannot understand is how the gang of two – Gibson and his poodle Lamb- could not see this happening when just about every other supporter could.
    Having said that Boro are in my blood and I’ll still be watching them next season although I won’t be getting angry or frustrated as we lose to the likes of Barnsley and Peterborough.

  9. Ian said it right – Eindhoven was the turning point.
    SG promised a top-class manager – instead he promoted the captain. Where would we be now if Matin O’Neill had got the job? As I remember, when he took over at Aston Villa they were worse than we were.
    Our present problems go back to that decision. SG set our expectations at a certain level then delivered a different reality that created dissatisfaction and confusion right from the outset.
    We have an inexperienced coaching team, young and inexperienced players, and the size and quality of the squad has been reduced. Relegation is the logical consequence – what makes it worse though is that this policy came with the promise of ‘Cup Finals’ and ‘Europe’. The sad part is that many of us surrendered logic and consciously chose blind faith and, for a time at least, to swallow the spin.
    So what happens now? The better players will leave, the Academy players will get another chance but at a lower level. Will be interesting to see how many of the more established ‘local lads’ stick around to help the club in its season of need.
    I’m not sure what SG will do about GS – perhaps he’ll bring in Mogga: he has more of a track record and he is the closest we’ve got to a local Messiah. If he chooses to adopt a more global perspective he could go for Juninho, but would he dare risk appointing another untried manager?
    SG hasn’t made too many mistakes over the years and he has given us the greatest successes of our history. He has rightly earned the devotion of all fair-minded Boro supporters, and the respect of football fans far and wide. Eindhoven was a pivotal moment and he made a colossal mistake. Not recognising this earlier just compounded the situation.
    Consequent to that we are now at another defining moment but this time our position is much weaker. SG can’t afford another error of judgement. We can’t afford another high-risk strategy, spin won’t sell, and we don’t want Marlon King!!

  10. 4-1 could have been 4-4. That is not flatering our sad team but saying how bad the opposition is and how good they were allowed to look.
    Oneil now missing for next two home games proberbly the Arc coming back.
    How much worse can it get? Feel very sorry for the 2000 odd fans who had to pay to watch that but hey, they got a couple of match balls out of the deal.

  11. I agree totally with Nigel(Mumbai).The failure to secure the services of Martin O’Neill has turned out to be a disaster.The Villa job anyway was not available at the time.To not secure the services of one of the worlds best managers when he was willing to come and then appoint rookie Gareth defies all logic.
    I lost what little respect i had for SG after that happened. I had not purchased my season ticket at the time but along with a few thousand others would have done so if MO had been appointed.
    I believe the club would have taken off, we would have filled the ground, sold more merchandise so more funds would have been raised, better players would have come, and, who knows some worthy investor may have been attracted to the club.
    But then that would have meant SG giving up some control of the club,and that wouldn’t do would it? It would certainly do for me, in fact a full take over would be exceedingly preferable.

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