King Signs

MARLON KING has signed on loan for the rest of the season. As a striker with lots of baggage who doesn’t take kindly to sitting on the bench he will slot straight in for Mido.
Well, it beats calling Tom Craddock back from his loan deal.
Watson was expected on Teesside today to talk over a move to Boro.
Meanwhile for any anyone who missed my live test run of a GazetteLive Boro webchat today here, BBC style, is another chance to see it….

75 thoughts on “King Signs

  1. The Wolves games was all about the result. It was a good morale shot in the arm and hopefully it will give us a much needed boost.
    I’m glad Mido has gone as he always looked heavy, out of shape and injury prone to me and his replacement, whatever he does, was worth taking the risk for as he can’t do any worse. So even if this guy doesn’t pan out I won’t be having a go. I’d much rather have a hungry player trying to resurrect his career rather than Mido who has a CV that shows him up for what he really is.
    We need results though and we need them fast. Here’s hoping…

  2. Great result – all that mattered as TB said.
    Why don’t stick to a following line up now:
    Forwards: Alves & King
    MF: Downing Tuncay A.Johnson
    Defending MF: Digard (Arca/O’Neal)
    D: Pogatetz Riggott, Wheater, McMahon
    GK: Turnbull
    Of course after the Chelsea & Blackburn matches as Digard is still out. But long term?

  3. Mido…not fit enough, not good enough, not man enough! End of story!
    Time to get behind those who do want to play for the club.

  4. Next 2 or 3 games will be interesting. I would not be surprised if our form doesn`t improve, that we go into our 5th round cup game at West Ham under our new manager, perhaps Alan Irvine from Preston as he could be the bookies favourite if Southgate is sacked. What price that, 33/1?.

  5. I’m looking forward to King playing for us. He must be a better bet than Mido.
    I just hope we don’t continually thump long balls up to him to nod on – when we did that with Mido, and with Alves, it was just an open invitation for the 2 big centre-halves to nod it back again. After you, Claude. Let’s play to our strengths, play it through Stewy, Johnno and Tuncay, and watch the goals come.
    Great performance at Wolves. We looked like a Prem side at last and played some great`stuff. Wolves looked ordinary and their fans must have thought they have much to do to bridge the gap between the Championship and the Prem. Let’s use that boost as the springboard for the rest of the season!
    Come on Boro!

  6. JP,
    Yes you are correct: EPL Rule M7 states:
    7.1 a Temporary Transfer to a Club may not take place in the Transfer Window in which the Transferor Club acquired the Player’s registration;
    7.2 during the period of the Temporary Transfer of his contract registration a Player shall not play against the Transferor Club;
    7.3 if during the period of a Temporary Transfer the Player’s registration is transferred permanently from the Transferor Club to the Transferee Club, the two Clubs may agree in writing (to be copied to the League) that the Player shall not play against the Transferor Club for the remainder of the Season;
    If Mido should come along as a spectator to the Wigan game (not that I believe he would have the bottle) the car park stewards should ensure that all slots are “taken”, and advise him there is plenty of room to park his limo’s outside the Captain Cook.
    He might also wish to know that if he gets there early they do a mean pie and chips aswell.

  7. It just shows the depth our injury crisis has reached. The morning the Sky Sports News banner announces that Boro’s Andrew Davies is out of the Chelsea match with an ankle injury.
    You came up with a reasonable attempt for an excuse for mixing up Alves and Johnson, lets see what you can do with this one. No doubt it will be a staff reporters fault.
    **AV writes: It wasn’t an excuse, I can’t speak for other people. What I offered was a plausible explanation. There is no excuse for getting an easily checked Premier League regular’s name wrong from the comfort of a studio.

  8. I also saw the £5m Harper rumour re-surface.
    All I can say is that if we have £5m for Harper we also had it for Bullard. I’d even rather the £5m went on Stephen Hunt from Reading – he seems to be a proper 100% player.
    I suspect it’s just paper talk now that GS has said that he is keeping any other cards close to his chest.

  9. I was pleasantly surprised that Boro eased past Wolves to reach the next round – though Boro must have been even more pleasantly surprised to see that Wolves fielded a weakened side – still a win’s a win.
    Perhaps Boro’s team spirit was helped by the absence of “2 Lim’s Mido” – i’m sure he’ll get an easier time with the gentle Steve Bruce on his case rather than having Steely Southgate to answer to.
    I see also that the silence of the Lamb has finally been broken and the Slothgoat has been given the dreaded vote of confidence – though i think this is primarily for saving £7m off the wage bill.
    Finally, having lost out on the £2m rated Watson the papers this morning seem to indicate that Boro have resurfaced their interest in the £5m rated Harper – I don’t get it, if we have £5m to spend why didn’t we offer Watson a better deal?

  10. Did anyone see on that Thomas Graveson is retiring from football at the age of 32? He was released by Celtic and no one else came in for the “tough tackling midfielder”.
    Surely someone like him could do a job at the BORO on a 6 month contract. That is exactly what we need – a tough tackling, experienced! midfielder, with no transfer fee.
    Just a thought.
    Come on BORO

  11. AV
    You are right, it is just sloppy reporting.
    Truth is we all get things wrong on occasion, you only have to look at the spelling and grammar on the postings, I am as guilty as anyone. We probably dont notice all the other errors because we focus on things Boro.

  12. John Powls:
    Admirable thoughts, but that leaves Matty Bates, inexperienced possible midfielder, squaring off against Lampard and Ballack. Somehow I think I know who would win that battle…
    The thing with Chelsea is they don’t have width, so if you put 5 across the midfield it will get nice and choked. Another point is that Mikel might start the passing moves, but he sure as hell doesn’t finish anything. Better to stifle Lampard and Ballack.
    We’ll still need width though, so I’d keep Jonno and Downing, but O’Neill and Bates will be needed through the middle to literally just sit and pick up Ballack and Lampard. Tuncay can play up front, effectively just behind, Alves.
    If we can keep Ballack and Lampard quiet then hopefully Jonno/Downing/Alves can get in behind the fullbacks and we can spring them on the break.

  13. Hmmmm…the dreaded vote of confidence. Except that our club usually means what it says, so it looks like gate will have until the end of the season.
    I really hope the King deal works out. Very encouraging comments from the Watford fan, Richard. Ian, I too noticed the Sky Sports gaffe. Wonder what they’re paying these journalists…

  14. I’m in agreement with JP, we need to play two up against Chelsea, although with regard to the midfield I suspect we’ll see O’Neil in the middle alongside Bates and Tuncay on the right.
    I have high hopes and low expectations for the Chelsea match, its not a place where we traditionally pop up with an occasional upset, but you never know, this is football after all……

  15. Pat on the back for Keith Lamb’s supportive comment towards the manager.
    However, he could leave the club tomorrow, because we don’t need an accountant we need someone who knows football.Who can GS turn to in the club who has a wealth of football in their blood?

  16. A further thought is whether it is worth risking Alves. It sounds like the type of injury where another knock could put him out for Saturday.
    The formation is less critical than the attitude and application. One risk of Tuncay in the middle is his discipline. He has a great work ethic but he is a free spirit. I would rather he ‘marks’ Mikel and keeps him busy. A couple of nutmegs or Tuncay turns could well wind Mikel up, his disciplinary record is not the best. Get the other side of him and you are in with a chance to run at Terry and Carvalho, like most defenders they dont like people running at them.
    If O’Neill and Bates hold the fort that would leave Downing and Johnson/M&S free to bomb on and keep the full backs occupied.

  17. Its got to be Tuncay in the middle of a 5 man midfield with Jinky and Stewy on the flanks v. Chelski. This will keep their full backs pushed deep and occupied whilst Tuncay can use his magic and creative skills with Gon/Arca and/or Bates scrapping and spoiling things for their pretty boys in the middle.
    Up front it has to be King to give Terry something to think about and with Jinky and Stewy cutting in from the wings and putting in crosses along with Tuncay pushing up it will cause Chelski enough of a headache to avoid another whitewash and with the bonus of hope that we just might ruin their title hopes.
    On the subject of a Mido, we all seen the sublime brilliance of him when it suited but unfortunately it was balanced up by his immature and spoilt attitude. Our gain is Wigan’s loss, which is a shame as I believe he will look back on his career here and realise that Boro is where he could have been someone and a real Hero.
    Instead he will start 4 games on fire for the Latics scoring 3 goals then resort to type. Let’s face it his legacy goes before him and by the end of the season he will probably have mysteriously misssed 6 games, thrown a strop, called Bruce an Imbecile, piled on 3 stone and ran home to his Mummy……..again!
    Unfortunately come August he will still be a Boro player and he will come back pleading forgiveness and looking 6 stone lighter and promising us the Earth and that he was “misquoted” and never wanted to leave Pizza Hut er I mean the Riverside!
    Why on Earth are we letting Craddock go? He never got a sniff (just like Walker this season) surely he was worth a few 20 minute spells just to see if he even remotely looked the part? I realise we can’t hold onto everyone but he always seemed to score goals wherever and whenever he played. It must be because we have such a huge squad packed with 20 goals a season Strikers?

  18. John Powls at 3.55pm – Do you wonder whether, as I type this, Gareth and Coops are having the same debate about players and formations?
    In particular can you imagine, over a coffee or in front of a whiteboard, Gate saying the words in your penultimate paragraph (“Also, when Chelski defend….”) to Coops?
    Or is it a case of: “X played rubbish last week but he only played in that position because Y was injured. But Y had been rubbish when he played the week before. Should we try Z there? I know it’s not his position but he tries hard in training and he hasn’t had a go in midfield yet. He might be OK. Or do we give X another go?”

  19. The Mackems win last night was a blow, I expected at least a draw with Fulham.
    If Blackburn beat Bolton tonight, we could find ourselves detached in the bottom 3, and even worse if the Barcodes beat Citeh. That puts Saturday’s game against Blackburn as a must win, not even a must not lose.
    If ever Ian Gill’s mantra of “points can come from unusual places” is destined to materialise, tonights game at The Bridge is it.

  20. John Powls….
    Do you believe the literal truth of everything you read in the papers or see on the television? Or is it only those thing which help you see Boro in a bad light?
    I have noticed a trend with you to flag up every little totally unsubstantiated website rumour linking us with player X and slating the player as not good enough one day then slating the club the next day as lacking ambition because he signed for someone else, even when there was never the slightest suggestion he was a target.
    I think you have talked yourself into a crisis of confidence over this. You falling repeatedly for tabloid guesses does not constitute a body of evidence it just shows that you are either naive or getting your knickers in a twist over nothing.
    Now you are reading between the lines over Watson’s press conference at Wigan and finding imaginary nuances that are not there. He is at a new club and being unveiled for the cameras… what do you expect him to say? “Wigan are poor, the boss is an idiot, the fans are thick and I only joined for the money”?

  21. Redcar Red:
    Tom Craddock?
    1. Unless it’s a loan deal aimed at developing him, he must be viewed as far enough down the pecking order that he won’t make it at Premier League level by age 23/24, which is where he’d need to be, I guess, to figure in the MFC business strategy.
    2. Luton wanted him and we consider we won’t need him – at least this term.
    3. SG can use the money.
    4. Even if its only a loan deal, it helps keep squad salary costs down.
    5. If its a transfer, the deal will have further kick-backs to MFC for appearances or if he’s subsequently sold on for a profit to another club. All part of the MFC business strategy, I suspect, as a feeder club for academy-developed talent.
    Maybe it’ll be clearer when the “further information” apppears on the Boro website.

  22. So, Keith Lamb speaks and Gareth is saved, eh? Wow, thanks Keith, and remember, if “Sir Stuart of the Safe Seat” ever finally calls it a day, maybe that’d be the final shoo-in that would see you home and hosed, eh? Why not, you’ve got all the right credentials.

  23. Come on, John! Watson joined Wigan because they offered him more moolah. Nuff said.
    On the subject of Gate and formations….I think he does overthink it at times (ok…fairly often), but one man’s tinkering is another man’s genius. Luke Young has been playing left back for Villa, keeping out Nickey Shorey and O’Neill looks like a genius. Let’s face it, if we can scrape some wins together, then we’ll be happy again with our young manager and his plan to turn us into a young, exciting team.

  24. Well to be beaten 2-0 by Chelsea at home is not a bad result when we compare our standing in football with Chelsea’s millions Available for players situation.
    What did stand out was that Boro defended admirably – except for the goals! How on earth could Kalou have so much space to himself for both goals? Who was supposed to be marking him? And Wheater once again with a weak headed clearance, this is the second time recently that Wheater has gifted the ball to an opponent who scores directly from a weak headed clearance.
    King put himself about more than Alves usually does but I do not see him being any more effective playing a lone role up front than Alves. Both these players need another striker to play off with the old one two passing game, not long balls up the middle. I can not understand Gareth:s selections when he can afford to leave Tuncay on the bench for any game let alone one against Chelsea.
    With Blackburn getting a point and Sunderland winning the only bright spot was Newcastle losing. So here we go for the most important end to a season for the Boro in many a year.

  25. I watched two Boro discards play a pivotal role in Wigans 1-1 draw with Liverpool. Mido looked 100% fit and running all over the place defending when required and creating openings in the Liverpool defence.
    He looked what he is supposed to be a class player, how come he could not produce this form for the Boro? Could it be he was cheesed off with for ever being on the bench and playing second fiddle to a less quality player in Alves?
    I think that may have been at the bottom of Mido:s problem, players who feel that the Manager has faith in them always play better than players with a chip on their shoulder caused by bad man management.
    As for for our midfield problems we have given away or sent out on loan better players than we are now scrambling to sign before the window closes. Cattermole is obviously a better player than the two latest candidates that Southgate has been chasing, he had an outstanding game for Wigan and has been an ever present in Wigan”s very successful team since moving from the Boro.
    Is this another case of the Boro management not knowing the value of players on their books. Ten hours from now we will know whether will be going down this season, for if we lose against Blackburn I fear there is no hope for us.

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