Funky Festive Fun With Our Heroes

EXCLUSIVE footage from the Boro players’ Christmas Party…..

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18 thoughts on “Funky Festive Fun With Our Heroes

  1. Hello AV,
    I wish you and all the Boro fans in World a very Merry Christmas and a more succesfull New Year!
    I have supported the Boro since the 70’s and the past 10 years have been fabulous.
    I saw the Fulham match – bad but we cannot win every match. Hope to get a result against Everton and a better performance. As Digard is injured we need more strengt to the midfield!

  2. Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone.
    I’ve written to Santa and asked him to send Boro the FA cup in May, that’ll do nicely.

  3. Our season is finely balanced and from a supporters’ point of view it comes down to whether you are pessimist or an optimist regarding how the rest of the season goes.
    Management of people in any walk of life if it is done professionally, requires an array of skills, patience ,leadership, vision, determination and excellent communications skills.
    Soutgate has all these qualities in abundance. What he appears to lack is that note of anger, that expression of toughness which would convince us that the players respect and respond to his leadership. We have had too many lax displays over the last six months which pose question marks against his management style.
    It really is on the cusp I cannot decide whether he can take us forward or we have come to a full stop .The next four games should seal his fate.

  4. If they played as well as their elf alter egos, they’d be in a European spot rather than a sticky spot going into Christmas!
    The animation is a Christmas cracker!
    Lifted my spirits a bit watching Mido celebrate Christmas!!!
    But I guess that’s more of a subliminal statement about what Christmas has become. “Bah! Humbug!”
    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  5. I’ve written to Santa and asked him where the hell he was on Saturday and to have a word with his union rep. I saw ten guys dressed in red and white handing out presents to the good boys and girls of Fulham – impostors, surely!

  6. Merry Christmas to one and all.
    Looking forward to a good new year. We’ve only taken 3 points from the last 6 games and are still only 2 points away from the top half. Where will we be when we finish our good run?!!

  7. Supporting Boro is bad for your elf, welf and ‘appiness. Even worse, that half-full bottle of single malt is magically converted to being half empty.
    Maybe God is punishing someone on Teesside for having been a very, very, VERY bad boy. If we could only find out who it might be, we could convert him to support another club and maybe the jinx would transfer to the other team. Does anyone know Beamish Bob’s address?

  8. I will be travelling up form Derby full of Man Flu. My wife keeps reminding me that if I am so ill shouldnt I have a quiet Xmas.
    Comments like ‘I have not got anything in for Boxing Day yet because I have no idea when you will be back!’. Just stopping short of ‘Xmas is the time for the family’
    I am hoping we get Typical Boro on Boxing Day and ‘points from unexpected sources’ over the festive season.
    Off to Old Trafford Monday so that is yet another batch of brownie points to be earned -I am not in credit so it will take some doing to catch up.
    Merry Christmas to everyone and lets hope the only stuffing we see is tomorrow.

  9. Missed a couple of easy birdie puts today but it was easier to take than the horrible defeat at Craven Cottage. Nothing hurts like that.
    Still Its Christmas and a time to reflect and be thankful for what weve got so far, lets hope next year brings a change of fortune and a little more luck. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the bloggers who make this site so enjoyable to visit.

  10. John Powls, if the bloke in the car right next to you is driving a volvo estate on the A34/A43/M1/M18/A1/A1(M)/A19 with a heavily pregnant wife in the passenger seat and a curly-haired labrador in the back then that’ll be me.
    All the best everyone…

  11. How about giving pogo a run in midfield? Not only does he have bite in his tackles but he con run with thr ball as well. Im sick of seeing Boro players giving more passes to Turnbull than their own forwards

  12. Would be nice to drive home for Christmas. Here is a gift of confidence for Afonso..
    Just a thought remember years ago when Chris Sutton went from being a Centre back to a Centre Forward.
    How about Wheater up front to play the burly, knock em about, good with the head centre forward, with Alves and Tuncay to pick up the crumbs…
    Merry Christmas

  13. Great video, AV. That’s the most movement I’ve seen out of Alves for a long time.
    Merry Christmas to everyone and here’s hoping to a better new year for the Boro. This transfer window is going to indicate what type of team we are.

  14. I’m not afraid to wield the axe – Gareth ?
    I think today (26/12/08 ) has sealed his fate. Its time to go before its too late
    for us to get out of the mire he has got us into.

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