Rumour Alert…. Woody Wanted?

SUGGESTIONS on Tyneside are that Kevin Keegan is poised to make a bid for Jonathan Woodgate.
Those good old “sources close to the club” up there have let it be known that far from all out attacking football, cavalier Keegan’s priority is to shore up the defence and – no doubt encouraged by Mad Mike Ashley’s five thousand strong away day focus group that is now running the club – Woody is the number one target.

A good transfer rumour has to tick a lot of boxes. It has to make some sense for both clubs to be believeable and develop a life of its own in a lot of ways this one does that. Woodgate is a cultured defender with international experience and so much quality he made Titus Barmble look good last time he was there. He is still very highly rated by the fans at Sid James’ Park, he played under Keegan for England, they are a club with money to better his Boro wages, he has some good friends already in the team up there and could commute easily.
Meanwhile Boro are well endowed in central defence with Huth-Wheater-Pogatetz and while a fully fit Woody is the crown jewel of the backline he has struggled to reach a state on injury-free efficiency this term. And if, as we have discussed before on here, some of the higher value chips must be cashed in to fund Alves then some may calculate that it should rather be Woody than Downing. It would leave Boro needing a left back but arguably that is a priority area for cover already and a reshuffle may just bring that investment forward.
And it should be remembered that for all the emphasis on attacking, Kamikaze Keegan’s first signing at Newcastle last time was a shaggy haired central defender too. He splashed out £250,000 to snap up footballing grebo Brian ‘Killer’ Kilcline, a purchase that stemmed the flow of goals against and helped build a platform for the all out attacking football that was to follow.
Of course, this all just conjecture. There has been no bid, nor yet even any formal inquiry. But it is a word from sources that are usually very well informed. So on a par with Downing to Spurs stories then, although not yet with the persistence. There may be nothing in it but we are fast approaching the witching hour, transfer window wise and anything can happen.
[Watch this space rating: 6.5 ]


60 thoughts on “Rumour Alert…. Woody Wanted?

  1. How is it that we can NEVER conduct a tranfer of a player without it dragging out into a saga when other clubs seem to tie up deals in 48 hours? Keith Lamb needs showing the door and the club appointing a better chief executive.

  2. 8m for Woodgate represents a charge of £1m per game he is likely to play for them this season IF they are lucky and its a big if.
    1) He doesnt justify his wages in terms of the amount of times he gets onto the pitch.
    2) When he does get on his injuries have so slowed him down he is no longer Premiership standard.
    Anyone prepared to give us back the money wasted on him we should be biting their hands off frankly.

  3. AZ are giving it ‘If he does nt want to come here then Boro will have to pay’
    Their bid of 13.4 mil is only to hoik the price up as they know he doesnt want to stay in Holland. Thanks AZ.
    Hurry up Lambo, Shake hands with these Tulip fanciers!

  4. Jiffy
    Checked Woodies career stats, he has played 186 league games since August 1998.
    Sad to see him go but that is life.
    We do complete January signings and we actually featured in the Times today in a table of the worst January signings of all time. cue chart type music
    At no 16 is Dong Goal Less
    At no 9 Maclcom ‘are you sure two aspirins cure a broken leg’ Christie
    At no 2 Michael ‘who ate all the pies’ Ricketts.
    Sadly we do not get to number one because that has been granted in perptuity to Toons aquisition of Alain Boumsong.

  5. Am I the only person who see’s the benifit of selling woodgate?
    I think his record stands at plays 3 out 1 or 2. How the hell do you build a team around that as someone said above? The only team you can build around him is a medical team.
    People say he was great last season, was he? or was it the fact that player of the season Poggi was moved to centre back!
    This season he has been outshone by a 20 year old kid who learnt his trade kicking a plastic ball on redcar beach.
    My main concern about selling woody is the fact that wheater has apparently only got a contract that runs till the end of the season. Make sure he signs first b4 selling.
    The other thing about woody and spurs is that it will flush out interest from other clubs, eg newcastle & they will hopefully get into a biddin war for him which could lead to an increase in price from spurs – or a cut price deal for robinson.

  6. i really hope we get Alves!
    AV :do you think we will get him? will we be able to get a work permit??
    **AV writes: They wouldn’t have spent this much time and effort so far if they weren’t confident of both.

  7. All things considered, this would not be a bad piece of business. At 28 and a re-occuring injury problem it may be best to sell our Boro boy. 8 Million pounds, not bad especially with the group of younger players in the same position.
    Take Woody’s wages and use the funds to help re-sign Wheater and Downing! If Poggy goes back inside and we are left needing cover at left back why not try to bring back Frank. With the arrival of David Murphy at Brum he may enjoy comming back to re-join the fight. Just a thought.

  8. This is the best bit of transfer news for years.8 mil for an unhappy player and at last a real goal scorer [we hope]
    yes I agree with Mainy woody was injured too often and tho’ he done a job for us ,it is now best for all that he moves on.
    I hope he goes to the Gunners and wins himself a couple of the big ones champs league or the like or maybe he can stop Man U and the cheat from Portugal from winning the League

  9. Was it a premonition? The following was posted 22nd Jan by yours truly. Here is hoping it doesnt come to pass.
    Certainly credible but let me lob a grenade into the debate.
    Boro get the go ahead to sign Alves. He is of course a man of his word having been contracted to Heerenveen and going on strike, then signing a contract with AZ which he wants to get out of to come to the premiership.
    Negotiations start and, at the last minute, in come a bigger premiership club who have been biding their time pending a resolution. Luckily Alves is a man of his word………..
    Meanwhile Boro do a deal with Spurs to fund the purchase which completes before the Alves deal collapses. Fred stays at Lyon.
    Rob Hulse, come on down. He walks through the smoke having spoken the immortal words ‘Mathew, this week I am going to be a premiership striker’
    **AV writes: I wonder if Rob Hulse knows he has become a cypher for Boro embracing mediocrity?’
    Sorry folks, fingers crossed

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