Time To Deliver

IT IS now three months since a win. Three months! The last time Boro tasted victory was the polished 2-0 home win over Birmingham on September 1st.
Since then the whole barren expanse of September, October and November – the spell when seasons are shaped – has passed by empty handed. Six defeats, three draws…. three poxy points from a possible 27. Goals against 17, goals for a miserable five. Not even a travesty of justice spawny win snatched with a scrambled stoppage goal bouncing in off someone’s arse.
A good 44 minutes here, a decent hour there and the odd gutsy draw do not fortify fans for the coming harsh winter. We need a win….NOW. It is time for the players to deliver and show they have the zest, steel, hunger and fierce competitive edge to take something whether or not they are the better team through sheer will to win. It is time to earn those wages, time to justify the hype, to stop feeling sorry for themselves and to prove they are worthy to wear the shirt. No more excuses…. it is time to deliver.


59 thoughts on “Time To Deliver

  1. Ian, in an ideal world I agree with you, but in an age of ‘spin’, and seeing the world through the eyes of the football manager (Wenger=temporary blindness, Fergie=fouls that didn’t happen)his comments don’t surprise.
    Disappoint; perhaps, and like many I would like to hear straight from his mouth the logic for the DGL selection.
    By his standards, it was a battering. He did get involved in a few 50/50’s (thats what he’s paid for) and took a few knocks. To ask to come off was nothing short of shameful and surely there can be no more chances.
    Enough is enough and the option of Hutchinson/Huth/ Wheater needs using before DGL. We can read into the comments whatever we want to; none of actually know he truth but we all have an opinion based on evidence ‘as we see it’ or ‘axes to grind’.
    Gates will ‘big his players up’; thats his job. I personally can tolerate that but I suspect like the majority, cannot forgive repeated failures in his actions like I can excuse his spin.

  2. Mr Mitton, I quote from your last post; “…then the eureka moment will hit you and I am confident you will radicalize yourself enough to mount a demonstration outside the Riverside…it’s what I would do if I still lived ‘up there’. But do you care enough Ignorant?”
    When I worked in europe I used to fly home every other weekend for home games and nowadays I travel up from Berks for the same reason.
    If you ‘care so much’ then why don’t you fly back and stage your one-man protest on any given home-game weekend? It would be something that I and many others would certainly enjoy watching.
    You don’t need to live ‘up there’ (your words, not mine) to carry out your demonstration. Do we need to wait for your ‘eureka moment’?

  3. Andy
    If you look at AV’s next thread you will see him explaining Gates viewpoint about new players.
    I agree totally about your commens regarding spin, my worry is Gate actually believes and means it!

  4. Nice to see GS putting a positive spin on 3 draws from the last four games.
    So thats 3 points from a possible 12, playing against poor / average sides. 4 points from a possible 30 from our last 10 games.
    Yes Gareth better times might be on the way, after all there can hardly get any worse (unless you continue to play LDG)

  5. Ian, “AV’s next thread”? Have to agree with Never Happy there! As for your ‘worry’ we’ll never know mate, but I am attempting to keep my glass half full!

  6. I just don’t get why DGL is ahead of tuncay when Southgate said recently the club will be looking to sell DGL.
    At least Tuncay has some history of scoring at the top level.He is probably the only player we have left who has scored a hat trick in his career. That was against manutd too. He has a history of scoring goals more than anyone else at the club so why stick him on the bench when we are strugglign for goals?
    Apparently his best position is on the left but southgate won’t want him standing on Downings toes.
    **AV writes: Yet against Villa Downing was moved up front?

  7. Hi AV
    Every team in the Premiership is there for the taking and the Boro would have no doubt taken a few scalps with Mido!
    However, we have still made many a tap in and I don’t mean inside the six yard box!
    I mean placing the ball precisely inside the box, instead of looking towards Linthorpe Road.
    Keep it simple is the game and look for the gaps, because they are everywhere in every team as we find out each week
    Newcastle had Arsenal on the ropes in the end, because they simply battered their tactics down and in the end, the Gunners lost their flow.
    O’Neil could score many a goal, because he gets in the right positions through his driving mentality, then blasts the ball into KINGDOM COME.
    However, we also need to learn to shoot from distance more consistently and precise.
    If Downing played down the right flank, it would offer more scoring chances because he could then keep on cutting inside and train his left foot to be precise, because it is been wasted.
    All in all, I have never seen such poorness at the basement of the Premiership, which is why the season is still so wide open for a team with a calibre of names.
    They owe Gareth a lot and it is about time they dug deeper instead of looking so grim when they concede a goal.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. AV
    Those who believe can defeat anything in life, even when all your wickets look doomed.
    You take that from someone who knows and stick with positive Gareth.
    Of course Derby will be another massive battle, which is great news. I wonder if we can sell them Kid Curry for a Tenner and risk getting robbed?
    I’m away again now for a while, because my sailing ship must find AGENTS ISLAND.

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