Talking Boro….

SOME of Teesside’s finest football minds from a broad range of professional perspectives have been harnessed to bring you an incisive, no-holds-barred analysis of Boro’s season so far. That’s what it says here anyway!
With ten games under our belts the international break seems a perfect point to assess the pros and cons of what has been a stuttering start. To that end the Gazette assembled a Question Time style “Talking Boro” panel to tackle the big issues of the season so far – injuries, squad depth, failure to score, leaking goals, falling crowds – and had a civilised, productive and provocative two hour chin wag over a pannini or two at Sassaris.
Here’s the first instalment. And here’s the second. And another one. And one more. Oh, go on then…. See what you think. Any questions for the next one?


65 thoughts on “Talking Boro….

  1. Now now Swiss Tony from Monaco don’t get personal.
    Actually I believe everything I said about Schwarzer, he’s completely inadequate on all counts – I was being charitable when I said he has height in his favour. I’d sooner have Danny Devito in goal.
    The only thing that comes close to annoying me as much as his choreographed half time warm up (that 60 year old never gets one passed him !) is the army of supporters who point to his loyalty and say he’s been a good SERVANT !!!
    He’s been on 15,000 to 20,0000 a week for God’s sake. Mark Schwarzer – loyalty and selflessness personified ! I can’t wait for his testamonial. I’ll be the one who hands him the exploding cigar.
    Also I couldn’t work out whether you were criticising me, Gareth Southgate, the Gazette, Mr Lamb, Colin Cooper, Mr Vickers, ………

  2. Tonymonaco
    Calm down, calm down, AV is not subject to the whims of the Riverside KGB. Well that is what he posts. I do know he is concerned about the plastic daffodil on his desk that seems to follow him as he moves round.
    He has also expressed concern when he sees Eric with a USB cable plugged into his left ear.
    The clearest proof of the fact he is not controlled by MFC (Middlesbrough Football Comissariat) is the clear evidence that they take chuff all notice of what we blog about.
    By the way have you noticed that the one thing in common between MFC and the Kremlin is Red Square.
    Of even more importance is getting stuck into Chelski, that is what we look forward to, a good result

  3. Hey Nigel and other Ashford LUUURvvers!
    Can you guess WHO got the contract to promote the town as the most desireable place to live and other such tosh?
    Yes Guys MEEEEEE ME and ME!!!
    Robin Mitton

  4. FRM – You think it’s unbelievable that Schwarzer is in the firing line ?? I’ve merely sent a couple of e-mails saying I think he’s the worst keeper in the premiership (name one worse ?)
    Don’t be distracted by the choice of the Elano free kick to illustrate his pitiful efforts. Next time you see the free kick just look at Schwarzer’s physical movements, his agility, effort, awareness (concentration) and if you think it resembles a professional goalkeeper I’ll stop responding to you because you are beyond help.

  5. Before I get hounded out of this forum for saying too much does anyone agree with me that Steven Gerarrd is the most overrated player in the world ??
    It just goes to show what 500,000 twisted scousers can acheieve when they put their mind to it. They have convinced large sections of the English public that Gerard is world class !!!
    He’s not even the best midfielder in the Liverpool team and if you dont believe me ask Rafa !
    Everytime I watch him he gives the ball away with a succession of hoplessly ambitious long passes, not a bit of criticism from the TV pundits. I think he engineered Beckham’s departure and hes working on Lampard. Bit of a sneak and a coward in the tackle (i.e. dirty not tough)
    Poor Rafa he’s trying to subtly tell the Scouse masses that Stevie Gerrard is not that good by buying an army of midfileders Alonso ,Mascherno, Sissoko .. if he rests him this weekend Liverpool will win and slowly but surely our cousins in the ‘land of the curly perm’ will see the light.
    But Rafa needs to get a move on because Stevie G is not a political novice.
    Back to the BORO – At last some luck has come our way :- Terry injured, Cole crippled (hes a blue eye of mine Ashley not the other poseuer) Jose’s gone (I’m heartbroken).
    Metaphorically speaking ‘an exposed groin if ever there was one’ – stick the boot in lads !!!

  6. Score Draw, I think you are being slightly over the top in your condemnation of Schwarzer, I think we all agree that he seems to be in decline and most of us believe he is in his last year at Boro.
    If and when he leaves I will thank him for his efforts, he has been a good keeper and has had some great moments such as the Fowler penalty save.
    To say he is the worst keeper in the prem. is not an assessment you or i can make unless you have watched all the others in all their games this season which I doubt unless you are John Motson in disguise.
    Un-scientifically I would suggest that Paul Robinson is in worse form than Schwarzer.
    What you are doing is falling into the old trap of blaming a keeper for every goal conceded, Boro’s goals against tally this season is the responsibility of 11 players not one.

  7. Scoredraw,
    I think it’s more than reasonable that we should look at the option of bulding the England midfield around Lampard even if that means dropping Gerrard.
    With regards to Gates I also feel that the management should consider a Venables type solution – bring in someone to ‘train’ Gates up as a would be 1st class Premiership manager.
    Aren’t Rangers doing that with Ally McCoist and Walter Smith? Hope they will think about this before we start to go down like “sheeps”!
    Robin Mitton

  8. Score Draw – SG is one of many English PL players who are massively overated.
    England played well for an hour, then started defending far too deeply (MaClaren Trait) and were undone by two goals from errors by the referee and their own goalkeeper.
    A reasonably good international football team lost to a slightly inferior one, who had the advantage of playing at home.

  9. There is a rumour on the street that an international manager with plenty of experience in the premiership as a manager and number 2 may become available before Xmas.
    He has won trophies as coach and manager and has experience of europe. He would however want to bring his own number two and sports trick cyclist.
    Could this be the answer to the lack of experience on the coaching front
    **AV writes: But is Teesside too far to travel from his family home?

  10. AV
    Re reading my last blog sent a shiver down my spine, shouldnt even joke about such things and just hope nothing happens to make me regret it, a bit like not mentioning that play by Shakespeare.
    Interesting reading the comments about Gerrard, whilst both my lad and I would welcome him playing for us I do think he is the new Beckham in that he is untouchable. On his day he is unstoppable but when we are struggling (England) he starts driving long passes with the same accuracy as Boat. In one of our defeats by Portugal his pass completion was 35%! Everything has to go through him.
    But he is a good player as are many in the squad. And that is the problem we have, a mixture of good and average players managed by an average manager. I firmly believe they are all doing their best, they just are not as good as we want them to be.
    Onto Boro, Lawro has predicted 0-2. Before the Citeh match I fancied us to get something out of match. We did but it was what I feared not what I hoped. After Saturday it is the old ten game test, lets hope for something positive.

  11. Ian Gill, no you have it wrong its the time of the year where the momentum starts gathering for calls bring Mogga to MFC..Then it disappears once they are knocked out of the FA cup

  12. Nigel – You are right it will probably be Schwarzers last season in the Premiership. Do you think it’s wise to let him make it our last season as well ? Are you saying “hes on the wane, but let’s put up with him and let him go at the end of the season” ?
    Its fascinating to hear Mark’s fans defend him – they always refer to one save (4 years ago!!). Can you think of occassions where he played so well throughout the game that we got all three points ? I can think of dozens of performances by Juskalainen, Friedel, Given (Harper), Green, James and yes Robinson as well where their performances hve been largely responsible for securing all 3 points. That’s as scientific as I am going to get – he is clearly physically not up to it and never has been.
    Just watch his movement and compare it to other goalies. Thats my last word on him, honest.

  13. Score Draw, maybe it is Woodgates last season too. Like Schwarzer he doesn’t seem to be have his eye on the ball at the minute.
    **AV writes: Maybe a lot of fans as well then. There are plenty of them just going through the motions.

  14. Mr Barron the goalkeeping coach reckons a lot of fans are unhappy that the 35 year old Mark Schwarzer hasn’t signed a new contract !!
    Nothing could be further from the truth -I’m absolutely delighted.
    He reckons Mark’s been a good “SERVANT”
    Professional footballers on £20,0000 a week referred to as “SERVANTS” ! It’s too sick to be funny.
    Also apparantly the fact that Mark has been with us for 11 years is testament to how good he is.
    That’s almost as laughable as the ludicrous rumour that Bayern Munich and Man Utd were after him.
    Mr Barron, you’re having a laugh.

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