BORO have confirmed they have agreed a fee with Everton for Yakubu and the Nigerian hitman has been given permission to talk to the Goodison outfit. He is en route to Merseyside to discuss personal terms as we speak and the deal is expected to be pushed through quickly.
The fee is believed to be £11.25m…. which is a fantastic bit of business by my reckoning.
Of course, we’ve all been resigned to it for a while now and the only question then was how much he would realise. Now the only question is: who will we spend the dosh on?


81 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS – YAKUBU

  1. Alf, you say we have bad record against Newcastle, which is true, however if you look over at the last 3 years, we have slowly improved against Newcastle and have actually got some good results.
    On paper right now it might look like they will have the better team, but they aren’t Man U or Chelsea either, we have every chance of walking away with something on Sunday! And as for Lawro, he has yet to predict a win for us this campaign…

  2. Malc – you are right about that tosser Lawrenson.
    If his predictions on the Boro scores had been right last season we would have been relegated with about 15 pts.
    He like many of the media seems to never have anything good to say about the Boro.
    Even after we beat Chelsea 3 – 0 and Man U 4 – 1 it was not because Boro played well, it was because the opposition were so poor.
    Do not expect it to change, its always been Boro against the ROW
    Come on Boro!! – stuff the skunks

  3. Samuel – once you have been on the board for a while you will realise that Alf is this boards Lawrenson as far as Boro are concerned.
    I don’t think he (Alf) has ever had anything positive to say about the Boro.
    C’mon Boro!! – stuff the skunks

  4. I wouldnt listen to a word Lawro says anyway. When he does commentry on a game he hardly speaks and when he does it is always some random comment about something that has nothing to do with the game.
    The pundits are always against us and at best usually tip us for a draw & not because we are playing well but because the opposition have a few injuries etc.
    What you have to remember is that most of these guys last played the game in the eighties/early nineties. The game has changed a lot since then but most of them just go by past glories of the teams they use to play for. Take Hansen as an example, they have him as a pundit on England games, why?
    All he does is say ‘it’s terrable’ no matter what (fair comments on recent games tho) but the point is he wouldnt give a positive even if we had just won the world cup for the 5th time in a row and remained unbeaten in all that time. He still wouldnt say we had done well.
    The only pundit I like is Ian Wright as when england play, you can tell he is kicking everyball with them, if they play well he will tell you, if they played bad he will lay into them until Lineker cuts him off.
    All time favourite pundit has to be Gazza. I think it was the ’98 or ’02 world cup & ITV employed him to interview fans during the game. He was already hammered before the match kicked off & at one point he was in a fountin singing with the fans. Legend.
    Prediction for Sunday, 3-2 to boro, Viduka & Owen for them, Tuncay, Alidaire & a late winner from wheater for us. Come on boro.
    **AV writes: I’m putting a daft quid on Whater for first/last goal.

  5. AV – Wheater is 28/1 to score 1st / last goal with Corals and 9/1 to score at any time, lump on.
    His 8 yard pile driver will have become a 20 yard screamer by H/T, 40 yards by full time and from doggy roundabout by last orders.
    C’Mon Boro!! – stuff the skunks

  6. It just goes to show how clueless Lawro is when he says that now we’ve lost Yak we’re going to struggle to score. Does he ever actually watch us coz Yak hasn’t scored for 6 months!

  7. alf
    It’s a pity Lawro wasn’t still coaching them Zebra Crossings on how to defend.
    They followed Lawro’s tactics to the letter and the keeper ended up on Ralgex.
    Then up he pops on Match of the Day with his crop circles.
    Like Robinson the other night playing for England, who should have focused his body energy and mind on making certain one hand tipped the ball over the bar.
    He acted like an aeroplane, instead of releasing one wing.
    So, they can stick them crop circles where the sun doesn’t shine, because fans know the field.

  8. It seems that only the trials have been canceled, but Shawki is already at Boro having his medical and will be signed without a trial – this a quote from Mido (who will likely start on Sunday).
    Speaking of quotes, I’m quite interested in what AV thinks of Southgate’s latest: “It’s highly unlikely we’ll find the right person in the time we’ve got.”

  9. I see according to the BBC today that Euell is off to Shef Wed for 200k. Just need rid of Mendietta and Southgate will have removed all of the deadwood.
    Fair play to him. We must now move quickly to get another striker and RM before the window shuts.

  10. Waited until this morning to calm down a little after the interview I saw with Gate yesterday evening but I made the mistake of reading the paper this morning and the same quotes are in there.
    I’ve been cutting Gate a fair bit of slack because I rate him as a decent and honest guy who I want to succeed and who was given a tough job by Gibbo when he wasn’t ready.
    I can also understand that with £11m about to be in our pockets (less what MFC are taking for ‘other financial pressure’) that he doesn’t want to be ‘held to ransome’ with inflated fees.
    But what was infuriating was acting as though Yakubu leaving was some kind of surprise and that it has come late in the window. Well, der…. – what planet have you been on Gareth?
    And even more that it is ‘highly unlikely that we will be able to get anyone in at this late stage in the transfer window.’ That had me almost launching something at the TV screen – that’s not so much a smokescreen for not getting ripped off as total b*****ks.
    Where is all the much vaunted scouting and detailed dossiers we are supposed to have so that we would be prepared? Just how many strikers have we been linked with and are known to have talked to the representatives of?
    Leave aside the move of Yakubu. To (nearly) quote you again and again AV ‘Everyone and his dog knows we need another striker and a right sided midfielder and have done for yonks’. So why hasn’t it been dealt with – again?
    So whose fault is it that we still haven’t done the biz with a week left.
    In the same batch of interviews 3 other Prem managers were saying that they expected to be bringing in up to 3 new faces in the next week. Why can they if we can’t?
    And to say that he is happy with the squad he has got flies in the face of what we’ve seen this season already. He alluded to others than strikers getting goals. Well, who precisely and where is the evidence to back up the suggestion?
    Any more of this and I’m going to be switching the CAPS LOCK ON!!!!!
    I’m going to try to listen to Gibbo before the skunks game and see if he is in b*****ks mode too and whether anyone asks him anything like the hard questions he needs to be asked.

  11. I think there is one world class striker available that it would be worth having a try to get, and that is Nicholas Anelka. He would fit perfectly into the new style of play, and if offered good money he would go anywhere.
    Mainy, Ian Wright is the worst football pundit on tv, he looks so awkward the way he moves about all the time, and makes me cringe with the crap he comes out with.
    When asked the other day during England match why Michael Owen didnt include him in his all time fave strikers he replied “is’nt it obvious, it’s coz I is black”, what a prat.

  12. John
    Stop beating about the bush and sitting on the fence – difficult thought it is to do both at the same time, WHAT DO REALLY THINK OF THE TRANSFER WINDOW DEALINGS?
    What really does amaze me is the fact we keep spouting drivel. It would be better saying we are working away and leave it at that. To go from bare bones to happy with what we have got is insulting the average Boro fan. We know it isnt easy to attract players.
    Something else that baffles is the fact we have had only three windows to bring in a right sided attacker before we sold Morrison without a replacement. And of course, the sudden and unexpected departure of Yak caught everyone by surprise!

  13. John Powls
    Please tell me your sentence below was written before breakfast.
    ‘highly unlikely that we will be able to get anyone in at this late stage in the transfer window.
    We are now coming up to the busiest transfer stage in the market.
    It’s going to be like a sale at Harrods’s, because all managers can now see their weaknesses, and heaps of players are wanting to cash in on their talents and move.
    We will sign a player/s because January is a long way off, once that latch comes down

  14. You can never tell if southgate is telling the truth. one minute he says teh yak is happy, staying and wont be sold then he is sold.
    **AV writes: In football ‘the truth’ changes by the hour.

  15. its clear why southgate was chosen by gibson as a manager. he is never one to question the senior management and will sell players when told to. Happy to go with what gibson and lamb decide. You wont hear southgate complaining. he is a yes man.

  16. The next few days are going to be crazier than a 5am Next sale in Boro town centre.
    I’m reserving judgement until the morning after the midnight deadline. I think we’re all getting a bit twitchy at the moment because of the noises coming out of the club.
    I’m happy to let them get on and say whatever they want for the time being. We have to remember that everything that leaves the Gate’s mouth is being tracked by other clubs and agents alike.
    We all the age old quote that is banded around these boards everyday – the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If by next Saturday morning we’ve signed nobody, feel free to lambast.

  17. Yakubu, Viduka, Morrison and Parnaby replaced by Tuncay, Mido,Aliadiere and Young, And still made about 2 million profit on those deals. That sounds like good business to me.
    **AV writes: I agree with that. The problem is that others have left too – Ugo, Parlour, Maccarone, Xavier and in effect Mendieta too – leaving the squad very thin.
    Boro urgently need to bring in the two or three squad players that will give them depth and give them options.

  18. Shaun
    I agree that what leaves Gates mouth is tracked by other clubs and agents. So are the utterances of Lamb, Gibson and sundry staff and players.
    The communications are also being tracked by Boro fans and howefer you dress it up, drivel is still drivel.
    However the messages are distorted by the media and ourselves, spectacular signings, club we can afford, cutting our cloth, bare bones, happy with the squad, thin on the ground, ambition, moving forwards, other financial pressures etc. do not add up to a consistent message.
    We all know it isnt easy bringing players in, we all know we havent got £40m to splash out, we are not stupid.
    Perception is all, a consistent message would give more assurance of a club who know what they are doing and give confidence to waverers to return. By givng such mixed messages fans will pick up the bits that reinforce their views.
    Following on from AV’s answer to Steve H we have also lost Christie, Graham and Euell possibly followed by Rocky. My big regret over the summer is Koumas to Wigan from the Baggies who then buy Morrison to replace him.

  19. I loved the cheap shot at the geordies in the Gazette about Newcastle being also rans when it comes to winning trophies in living memory.
    Trouble is though mate, so are you lot, you only have that 3rd rate mickey mouse cup to brag about in over 130 years of trying. That competition is as insignificant as you can get seeing as teams only play reserve sides in it. Lets face it, only you lot count that “trophy” as a major one, nobody else does.
    You lot keep trying to big yourself up but keep making yourselves small time whilst doing it.

  20. Very Happy
    You’ll have to ask Gate or Dave Allen when the ‘highly unlikely’ phrase was penned. If you read carefully you will see that that was me quoting what Gate had said.
    AV – we need more than just squad players – that’s what we’ve already bought, with the exception of Young and, hopefully Mido. We need a first choice striker and right sided midfielder.
    AV writes: When fit (yes, I know) Boro have a very good first XI. It is on the bench and the ability to change it that they are sorely lacking.
    The problem is two-fold: can we afford to bring in proven quality players who would go straight into the first team? And can we find players who are good enough to go on the bench and be impact subs able to change the game and give the boss options and – crucially – who willing to come here and take that role.
    I think the answer to both questions is ‘yes’. I think th eclub think so too and are trying behind the scenes to do so.

  21. Dear Father Christmas,
    I hope things are well with you in the North Pole. I have been a very good boy, and I wondered if I could make a special request for Christmas this year.
    I would very much like it if you could help Middlesbrough Football Club get a right midfielder and a striker. Oh, and if this could possibly happen before the end of this week, I would be eternally grateful.
    Thank you,
    Neil (USA)

  22. AV
    In response to JP’s blog you state the club know what is needed and are trying behind the scenes to get the people in. In which case why dont the club give a more consistent message rather than swinging from spectacular to doomed and all points in between?
    A simple, consistent message along the lines of ‘working away behind the scenes to bring in identified targets’ cant be that difficult.

  23. Diablo – shut up, you talk/write rubbish, It’s only the big 4 that play their reserve teams in the league cup, why, because they know they will be playing champions league football at the end of the seasons.
    If it is such a Micky mouse cup then why is it all the other teams in the country play full strength sides to try and win it.
    2 reasons –
    1. It is seen as a excellent route into europe
    2. It is a sign of progression & achievement.

  24. Just seen the line ups and I am a bit wary with the number of players coming back from injuries -Woodie, Taylor, Mido, Young.
    Midfield looks interesting with I guess Boat on the right, Rocky and Arca centre. Not exactly blistering pace, Downing wont get double marked then!
    Still, lets get into them and give it a real go.

  25. “If it is such a Micky mouse cup then why is it all the other teams in the country play full strength sides to try and win it.”
    I seem to remember Notts County reserves winning at the Riverside last season, you plum.
    By the way, Bury FC have a more illustrious history than you jokers. ie. They have won real “trophies”.

  26. Diablo Rojo
    No offence to the fact you are a ManU fan whether by birth or choice. Fans support their team be it Bishop Auckland or Arsenal, hopefully it is the team of their background or where they live. They should be respected and shown courtesy.
    I dont think Boro fans should post on Toon or Mackem sites, they are for their fans. This is a site for Boro Blog. Like many, I would appreciate it if you keep off it.
    Most welcome if you want to post about Darlo where you live, otherwise please dont post here.

  27. I see on the BBC that Yaks been refused a work permit. Yhis isn’t good as the appeal hearing is on Wednesday. This is going to seriously knacker up our attempt to get a replacement.
    Also if he gets refused on appeal we’re going to be stuck with him, he obviously doesn’t want to play for us. Will he put the effort in or is he just going to rot in the reserves earning big bucks for nothing?
    Diablo Rojo, why don’t you go back to Darlington you pathetic little glory seeker (he’s a Manu fan!) You get to many home games?

  28. One of the best things about Arca’s goal was Mido being the only Boro player to fetch the ball from the net to look for the winner.
    He’s going to be a big, big player for us and providing he settles in the area and we can match his ambition, he could become a true Boro hero.

  29. “otherwise please dont post here.”
    I’ll post here if I want. Wether or not Mr Vickers chooses to publish any of my posts is entirely up to him, so kindly mind your own beeswax!
    Just because I dont like your grubby little football club, I defend my right to say it.
    **AV writes: I have a open access policy and only edit posts that are lpotentailly ibellous, overtly insulting or deliberately provocative. As far as I am concerned you can come here to make comments if you want but I do wonder what you get out of it.

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