Poggi Crock Shock!

OKAY, now I’m worried. Pogatetz crocked and out until Christmas (full story exclusive in today’s Evening Gazette). Woodgate missing for the first three weeks. Huth’s return shrouded in mystery… Boro will be frighteningly short at the back for the start of the season and if we don’t get off to a flyer it will be another long hard grind.
More on Poggi as the story develops….


62 thoughts on “Poggi Crock Shock!

  1. AV – Boro have £6m (Smith money to spend) to £1.75m from Morrisons transfer, so should not need to sell.
    However I think that if Boro did buy Smith then Yakubu would have been sold to balance the books. Golf courses and luxury hotels cost plenty of money to build!
    Do you know if the interest in Samaras was genuine? Surely a player who has failed miserably at Man City and is surplus to their requirements, chould not be considered for the Boro?
    Also what about the story in the Times claiming that Birmingham, Middlesbrough and Reading are all chasing Monaco’s veteran Czech striker Jan Koller.
    Neither Samaras or Koller fit the profile of a speedy footballer, so if GS is to play this style the above can hopefully be considered as newspaper gossip and no more.
    Very Happy – I know there was a mystery man in the directors box – which player do you have in mind ‘that is some player’
    **AV writes: I’d say 72% of the stories at this time of year are generated by agents trying to drum up interest.

  2. very happy, that french guy is playing upfront. Selling morrison really proves tuncay will be stuck on the right most of the season

  3. I posted on an earlier blog about signing Baptista (possibly on loan) and with Aliadiere and Woodgate in our squad this might be a possibility.
    He would be a replacement for Yakubu who now seems certain to leave the club.
    When Tuncay and Aliadiere were signed, GS said both were strikers, the fact that one of them is going to be stuck on the right of midfield is another sign of our coaching staff failing to grasp the nettle and go out and buy an out and out right winger.
    The squad numbers have been released and the one thing that jumped off the page was the totasl lack of strength in depth in the squad.
    GS’s remedy – sell Morrison and in the next few days Yakubu.
    I hope I am wrong but it could be a long and difficult season for the Boro

  4. Morrison’s departure is deeply disappointing, but I suppose the fee pays for the Academy for a little while.
    Perhaps the most astute part of the agreement – if it is as I understand it to be – Is that Boro are entitled to 15% of any onward sale (or is that sale price over £1.5m ?). So, when Morrison becomes the success many of us expect, Boro can buy him back , for say £6m and save 15% i.e £900k!
    Who suggested Larry was out of his depth as C.E.O.?
    Anyway, at least we get back to proper footie this week and letters etc. can focus on the match/players etc. I’m bored with all this Strip/Badge/Century side-show

  5. Interesting to note that none of the current crop of Boro strikers has been awarded the No. 9 shirt when the squad numbers were announced today. Read into that what you want. It could be that there is a suprise on the horizon, or more likely the Yak and/or Dong Gook Lee are on the way out. Watch this space……

  6. Ive been calling this one for years but i’ll make my point known as well….. LAMB OUT!
    Secondly, Congrats to Boro, only one of nine teams going into their 10th successive season in the premiership.
    Thirdly: ‘Where could we get a player of Morrison’s qualities for £1.75m? We couldn’t’
    Rudolph Douala. Didnt have the best of seasons with pompy last year but if you could link him up with his old mate rocky, think we could get the best out of both of them.
    How about Wayne Routledge, he is useful, pacey, young and skillfullyou could prob pick him up on the cheap or like I said weeks ago, Chris Eagles from ManU, espicially with the signings they have made, I think he will be available for loan.
    Id like to see us go for Leroy Lita and Matt Darbyshire to boost the squad or even that Scott Sinclair at Chelski take him on loan.
    I know ppl want to see perm signings but right now a loan move could be benifitial for us. Danny Gabbidon on loan to help at the back if needed.
    O well i guess once Tuncay gets injured we will either have 2 centre mids fighting it out for the right wing (cattermole & boateng) or 2 donkeys (Euell & Mendieta).
    Finally, what must these acadamy lads be thinking now that they have just signed their first pro contract when GS comes out and says that acadamy players only have 2 roles, squad players or to be sold on.
    good luck boys, think your going to need it.

  7. I think too many people are overating Morrison. He’s had his fill and not produced the goods. He’s weak, struggles to go past players as a result and will be mostly remembered for his ridiculous challenge on Ronaldo at Old Trafford. £1.5m + possible sell-on cash represents good business and he will find his feet in the Championship.
    It does leave us short in terms of cover, though – espicially cover with Prem experience. I’ve said it before but Saturday is a massive game for a million reasons and we need to come out of the blocks on fire. We have been written off by the pundits already but that’s nothing new.
    Skysports as I write are saying Yakubu has told GS he is unhappy at the club. How much do we read into that? I was all for selling him for anything over £10m but with nobody to take his place seemingly on the horizon, I’d be keeping a firm grip on his shirt.
    Unhappy players can cause all kinds of trouble though so it would be best to let him slide if he is unhappy – a replacement for his goals is imperitive however.

  8. AV
    I dont really know much about the finances of Boro, but we have spent £9million so far and you suggest we may need to sell first before we can recruit. That makes us one of the lowest spending teams in the premiership this year.
    Do you think this is what we can expect from Boro in future years, and if it is, do you find it worrying for our premiership servival in the coming years?
    Also, I would be really grateful if you answered this. Do you think Steve Gibson regrets the “spectacular” statement, or do you think it was just a ploy to get us to buy a season ticket?
    **AV writes: The cost cutting policy started two years ago when it was decided the club should be self financing, falling crowds really started to bite and Keith Lamb stated that “sooner or later Teesside would get the club it could afford.”
    Since then crowds have dropped further and the club have spent another £21m… something has to give and while people talk about the Sky money that just covers the wage bill. The rest has to come from somewhere, hence the pruning of the wage bill.
    I don’t think Gibson will regret the ‘spectacular’ wording right now. At the time it was a genuine statement of intent. People in the club were excited by the possibility of a genuine change of style on the pitch. They were in talks with Tuncay and had encouraging noises about Smith and one or two others that didn’t come off.
    I think he may come to regret it further down the line because unless the club deliver there will be a lot of cynicism about any similar statements in the future.
    For the first time Gibson personal kudos and leadership is being questioned and combined with Lamb’s “relaxed” attitude to season tickets the ‘spectacular’ phrase could yet be used as a stick to beat them with.

  9. NH
    Someone was in the Director’s box, but who?
    I think Matt le Tissier has caught the Bernie Slaven bug, because he too, believes Viduka’s departure is a wobbly guillotine.
    There are strikers a plenty that can replace anyone and we will be getting a player whose contract prints the future, age wise.
    It is vital that the Yak is moved on before Saturday, because he has no future at the club and has now stated that he is unhappy therefore, his frame of mind is no good to us and I want him out rapidly.
    For all we know the YAK could be now talking to his next club, which will get the chain moving.
    Everyone must be given a set number of goals to try and reach, because that sort of manoeuvre does increase the mind’s capacity to shoot.
    Anthony, stated that we may take a central defender on loan etc, which is another must, because imagine if we lost one more such player against Blackburn.
    I don’t care who wears our shirt as long as they play from the heart.
    Winners fill grounds and we have a framework of players who with a couple of new signings, could become some force as the season rolls on.
    I am sticking to a 2 -1 home win, anyone else having a forecast.
    I thought the Gazette had gone bust by the way, then up pops the perfect striker, which explains a lot.
    I hope they send me my cheque back!

  10. Completely and totally disheartened by the summer’s comings and goings. Will not return to the Riverside until Southgate has gone.
    It is like watching Bryan Robson’s last season with us, ie buying a shed full of strikers whilst seemingly ignoring a crocked and non-existent defence and lack of defensive midfield.

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