Boro Up Their Game to Sign PC Legend

STEVE Gibson is set to reveal the new look global scouting network that led Boro to Turkish superstar Tuncay Sunli. In an exclusive interview with the Gazette today he talked guardedly and kept the specific hidden about how the club have put in place a world wide army of eagle-eyed talent spotters to snap up burgeoning potential before bigger clubs are alerted and the price starts to soar.
But we can cut through the cloak of mystery. The move for Tuncay Sunli makes the new strategy obvious. Boro have pedalled Don Mackay and replaced him with a geeky gang of pizza-powered teenage gamers, bleary-eyed virtual dug-out gurus who are scouring the database of PC cult classic Football Manager for future stars with sizzling stats. Sunli is a bona fide FM Legend. It is obvious how he was spotted – by hours of sifting through the world best selling soccer supremo simulator.

Scouting with Football Manager is the way forward. We need a system that can determine with scientific precision which players have the stamina, pace, creativity and influence to slot into the team, who can shoot, pass and tackle and who have the right attitude. Football Manager has the world’s biggest database of players, it is a SugerMegaCharged Opta Stats with bells on.
For many Teessiders the first response to Boro’s move for Sunli would have been “who?” No on has ever heard of him. But wait up. the kids have heard of him and thousands of them make him their first major signing every day. Sunli is one of a select band of players who tick all the right boxes and who are transfer targets in every game becuase they are guaranteed to add to any cyber-side bidding for glory.
There are others: Anthonh Vandenborre, Alberto Medina, Vincent Komapny, Diego, Kim Kallstrom, Dagoberto, Lukas Podolski. Get those in – and you can do it on Boro’s FM budget – and you are not far short of the club’s Holy Grail of a top six place.
You think other team’s don’t do it? What about Bolton? What do you think Fat Sam was doing with his laptop in the dugout? He wasn’t updating his myspace page. He was playing Football Manager, modelling tactical changes to see if he could pull a fast one. Where do you think all Bolton’s exotic squad of Israelis, Moroccans and Macedonians were spotted? They all came from Football Manager. How do you think Wigan got Julius Aghohawa? Look at his stats.
The beauty is that you don’t need to pay through th enose for a group of hit-and-miss old bench coats to swan around the less salubrious spots of Europe in club class to take notes just keep the cyber scouts happy in the bedroom with lager and Big Macs and they will text you a list of targets that will be every bit as viable as the clipboard brigade’s.
Of course you have to be wary of on-line shopping. If you had tried to build a team this way a few years ago you would have ended up with a team that now included Carlton Cole, Harun Babangida, Sambo Cherno and Fabio Rochemback…. doh!
Tuncay Sanli is the BEST player in Turkey!!!
Some Fenerbahce fan writes here and says he is bad thats just a lie.
He was the HEART of Fenerbahce!!!
He was the SYMBOL of Fenerbahce!!!
He was the CAPTAIN of Fenerbahce!!!
He is the STAR in Turkey!!!
Boro took the BEST OF TURKEY!!!
That was the not so level headed assessment of Boro bound Ottoman hero Tuncay Sunli on the Fly Me To The Moon board from a shouty Fenerbahce supporter spraying superlatives like Ali Brownlee at his best, while the official web site has been inundated with messages of goodwill from Turkish Fenerbahce fans distraught that he is leaving. Newcastle’s web-site can’t get any of the Boro fans’ tributes to Mark Viduka past the swear filter.
He looks good on YouTube too….

Turkish football press people have been on to the Gazette to swap information about the story and one told us that Tuncay was a player notorious for his tendency to drop deep. pick up the ball then put his head down and try to dribble through to within shooting distance. Hmmm. Juninho II then? “He will excite the Middlesbrough supporters,” he said “but your manager may ask him to change the way he plays.”
Tuncay is presumably one of the two “spectacular ” signings Steve Gibson vowed to deliver during his multimedia press offensive yesterday. He told the official Boro website the club had lined up players who would “excite the town” then reiterated that in a lengthy interview on BBC Radio Cleveland .
“We’re talking to players who will improve the attacking part of the team. Players with flair, pace and strength,” he said, echoing the Keith Lamb declaration last week – but the deal in dishing out £42,000 a week to an established Champions League player who had never heard of Boro 48 hours ago and who seems to be chasing the lira appears at odds with the notion of going for up and coming players who are burning to play for Boro. Still, free transfer, proven hitman and a chance to boost Teessider’s chances of prompt service in Turkish resorts can’t be bad – although he may be disappointed to see the iconic white band has gone from the shirts.


24 thoughts on “Boro Up Their Game to Sign PC Legend

  1. Lebohang Moekona (sp) – £500k from Orlando Pirates! That’s who we need!
    **AV writes: My boy swears by Armand Traore and Zlato Dedic but he always gets Niklas Bendtner on loan too.

  2. Anything is possible and couldnt be worse than the ‘played a good game against our flat back ten’ method so beloved of the former regime.
    A signing is good news with more to follow by the sound of it. The thing that baffles and irritates me is the spin and counter spin coming out of MFC. A consistent message that is relatively truthful is what I prefer. The club has not come out of the last few weeks in a good light.

  3. AV – good idea, in this age of political correctness and Riverside wind turbines, just think of the spin when the club announces that its European scout flys no where and hence his carbon footprint is the best of any scout in the PL.
    We can then expect the crowds to be boosted by veggie leaf eaters, scientists and those that like to jump on the political bandwagon.
    If you are right about Big Sam no wonder he got rid of Terry McDermott, he would have unplugged the laptop to heat up his hair tongs or been to busy on the Betfair site.

  4. Very amusing AV, the Summer is staring to look a little more positive now, but I agree with Ian, the club have yet again badly handled the PR aspect of recriutment and season ticket renewals.
    Still the important thing is we have a strong squad for the coming season. If anything is going to boost ticket sales it will be that Southgates philosophy of attacking football using young ambitious (we hope) players is starting to manifest itself in a way we can all see.
    That said the proof of the pudding is in the eating and this seasons ticket sales probably won’t be affected by who we buy. Next Summers might be…………

  5. My support for Steve Gibson is 100& and it will never alter until the day that he calls it a day.
    Perhaps if some of the privileged few that have worn the Boro shirt had the guts to stand up and be counted last season, then we may have finished higher in the table.
    Several players had plenty to say to the Evening Gazette Anthony, but their empty words fell on to no-man’s land, just like our season did.
    I have seen kids playing football locally covered in more sweat than half of our lot. Pocket money players with bigger hearts than players who are paid a fortune to do a job that is every school boys dream!
    When that season ticket landed at McClaren’s feet we were already three seasons behind time, because tactics, player choice and motivation were his 3 weak points.
    Now we have a manager who saw those wrongs, whilst playing under his leadership who wants to try and correct matters, which has certainly livened up the Gazette’s message boards.
    Apparently there is a three month waiting list to post on the Sheffield United message boards.
    Maybe this time next year, Middlesbrough Boro Council will still be sweeping up the litter down Linthorpe Road, after OUR team bus has done the rounds showing off some silverware.
    Now, was that fair comment from me or rather harsh Anthony, because I firmly believe that I have rooted some reasons, but not all.

  6. John
    I was only talking about the last few weeks, the previous mishaps look after themselves.
    One just hoped that they learnt from their mistakes but there is more chance of continuity of presentation in a Steve Harmison over than with our illustrious PR department. As Geoff Boycott would put it we operate in the corridor of uncertainty.
    Credit is due for what looks to be a good signing even if he is from overseas. He has a history of scoring goals, plays at a good level, is a current international, looks to be adaptable and is only 25. Usual caveat applies for anyone coming from abroad but if we can also snap up some UK based talent it is a move in the right direction

  7. What a signing Boro have pulled off. Turkish fans only have tremendous things to say about this player. I have seen him play a few times and have always been an admirer. Looks like we have replaced that guy who went further north…. What was his name again?

  8. this is a signing. I believe having followed him alot prefers to sit on the left were yak lurks but this will bring us of our seats and I for one am getting the season ticket this year i will give up my hard cash instead of watchin it in the pub.
    We just need a right winger and right back but im sure we will get them. It’s obvious Gibbo is putting his money were is mouth is, its now up to us to put our bums and money were our mouths are and bring back an atmosphere to the riverside!!!!!

  9. seal tuncay’s deal…
    & we have solved viduka’s replacement problem…
    GS can stop shopping for strikers…
    coz we’ve got turkey’s best..
    & that’s one down..
    two to go…
    i still recomends we sign phillip degen…
    he’s one of the best right back…
    disappointment for riga..
    got to search for new right-wing…
    that’s a headache for GS..
    any good names for that position…??
    coz in my game too i do had that problem..

  10. Tuncay looks good on Youtube. His stats are also good in FM07, but not as good as Nicolas Millan or Nacer Berazite
    **AV writes: Get them signed!

  11. Watched the clips and I have spotted some glaring flaws in his game
    1. they show him heading goals.
    2. they show him attacking the ball
    3. they show him scoring with both feet.
    4. they show show him getting across the defenders.
    5. they show him being acrobatic.
    The only redeeming feature was the fact he scored a hat trick against ManU.

  12. this could be a decent summer as it looks now if we make the signings that are needed. The attack does need a makeover and the right side. Can see GS on his laptop while studying, flicking from coursework to Footy Manager scouting players. Lets hope there are a few more to come in.
    it may be the wrong thread or whatever, but, when is the new kit out and what is it going to be like?
    **AV writes: I believe it is waiting on a new sponsor and that it is red with white trim – but without the band. Given the exposure we may get in Turkey next year dropping the band could now be an ironic own goal.

  13. I am so looking forward to the new season getting under way because the future is all which counts in life.
    It also gives this newspaper a chance to run the rule over our new players etc,which is our feeding station and shout.
    If the editor thinks he can pull a flanker with a price hike, then he too, has also been long in the planning which is another move we must keep our eyes on.
    **AV writes: A price rise? You know more than me then.

  14. Ian, clearly with all the ‘flaws’ Tuncay has he clearly doesn’t fit the Boro player profile of the past but the fact he scored hat trick against Utd. is a good enough reason on its own to sign him up!
    So come on AV out with it , who is the second ‘spectacular’ striker Boro are secretly negotiating with? Not Alan Smith…please!
    Et’o or Henry would be ok though! Yakubu to Pompey for £10m? Crikey AV GS must have listened to you and is cashing in!
    **AV writes: The gate is always logging on here, in between playing FM07 and scouting on YouTube.

  15. I dont think the wage bill has been culled that much. Tuncay will be on similar amount as what viduka was on. and now we will be paying woodgate all his wages
    **AV writes: Maccarone, Parlour, Ehiogu, Viduka are all big money earners now off the wage bill along with medium earners Christie and the paupers like Parnaby and Xavier.
    There will probably be more to follow through the exit door before the new season too. That frees up lots of cash to bring in new faces and still save a hefty chunk.

  16. Well, 1st of all he’s called as Tuncay Sanli. Not Sanli Tuncay.
    Even he is 25,he is still a youngster who is still open to learn,to improve himself. I do not agree ”turkish press people” that Tuncay is a player who picks up the ball then put his head down and try to dribble. Better ask ‘Turkish Press People’ that the biggest percentage of the reason they are being paid. Cause they know football or cuz they’re a amusing figure on TV’s or their columns!
    Nevermind them. Stats from FM or any football manager game may give u more clues about the player.
    When he got to be a ”superstar”,he was just 20! And in a country like turkey,where the youth coaches ‘dont work’ , he didnt stop learning. He could think ”I’m a superstar, i live in Istanbul and i’m rich,that’s enough”as many youngster do there in Turkey, but he did not! He has learned more and more.
    If i were you,i would try to reserve a ticket for the 1st premier league game at Riverside to be one of those thosands of lucky ones to see Tuncay Sanli live first in that red shirt. You ll see a top spin player on the left side of the field..

  17. After all the negativity, the glass is beginning to look half full again rather than half empty.
    Ps. What is youtube?
    **AV writes: It is a brilliant video hosting site. Google it.

  18. “Ps. What is youtube?”
    That’s what dave makay said then got shown the door.
    Umit, i dont think he will be played on the left as we have arca and downing there who have been 2 of our best players last season

  19. Dave i agree that Arca and Downing have performed well. But Tuncay is not a target striker. And i think GS won’t insist on putting him up-front, don’t try either.
    But Tuncay is kinda player that no coaches want to see sitting on the bench. After an adaptation period,he will definitely gain respect of team-mates and technical men. It’s my belief that GS will try all alternatives to find a place for tuncay on the field. Arca can play as a defensive midfielder as well,can’t he?
    Or with a new target striker joining to replace Viduka,Tuncay may be a free-roled player as on offensive midfielder. I can reassure that you’ll be impressed of his energy and style,so does GS.

  20. if we bring in a good target man. along with sanli i think we will do allright. a good pacy right winger. a good attacking midfielder. and a good rightback. and the season will look bright.

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