Engineering Works

SORRY, but once again softwear engineering works elsewhere in the network has left the blog in the sidings over the weekend. Normal service will resume shortly


8 thoughts on “Engineering Works

  1. The speel cheka also seems to be malfunctioning. Get the computer boffos to check that also.
    **AV rites: Aye, weel do.

  2. Recently its had more break downs than Huth and his fitness. Maybe it needs a bit of investment with younger technology.
    **AV writes: They are just minor knocks. We’ll just give it an injection and play through the pain barrier.

  3. AV
    I hope it isnt under the care of anyone from Rockcliffe though there are striking similarities.
    The problem is diagnosed and fixed only for it to break down when the weekend approaches.
    Luckily there isnt much going on for us to blog about apart from our apparent interest in a centre half from Aberdeen. That will be a perfect buy for us because he can solve our long standing right sided midfield problem.
    AV writes: Howay lads, two weekends on the table while geeks filddle about in the network to install some new software hard makes the blog a serial crock!

  4. Maybe you need to change it to “Anthony Vickers’ typical boro”.. just when you think everything is fine something happens

  5. Come on AV, come clean, the blog is under supervision of the MFC medical team. The last two problems will get worse, surely you didnt believe their diagnosis.
    The next thing we will hear is that it has been told to rest over the close season. Then in August it will have to fly off to America to get its cruciate hard drive operated upon.
    This will all coincide with the message board going and there being no suitable forum for us to discuss the Boro. Then, miraculously, everything will be working on 31st August when Lambie can announce the four new singings just before the window closes.

  6. Ian, Alf
    Prehaps you need to get out more on a weekend and give the blog a rest.
    It could be renamed Mendi’s blog.

  7. AV – are you sure that you are not just going out on the lash and can not be arsed with a close season blog?
    **AV writes: I am puritanical and obsessively dedicated. Hic.

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