YouTube, Nostalgia And Yearning For A Bygone Age

NOSTALGIA corner. A thread about Ayresome Park v The Riverside on Fly Me To The Moon the other day and talk about the joys of standing at Synthonia sparked a rambling, rose-tinted, overly sentimental, jumpers for goalposts conversation in Chez Vickers today.
It went via the skill of selecting a likely candidate to give you a squeeze, the impact of seeing the green pitch under floodlights for the first time, the discovery of colourful and creative invective as a comedy artform, pre-match pubs, relegation as an occupational hazard, Bernard Gent and the Powergame, vicious spikes on the Holgate fences, 60p in, being “run” by Sunderland up Costa Street, slashing against an uncovered corroding wall in a tidal sewer, rubbish players traumatised by the Chicken Run, blokes in ICI donkey jackets arriving straight from a shift, Eric the tranny man, the Boro bugler, Bernie on the fence, Brucie requests no swearing or missiles, the strength of the reforged bond between fans and players in the post-liquidation era and the excitement of EIOing and surging in unrestricted celebration without fear of those dangerous seats. The meandering ended in quick bursts of “You’ll Get A Boot Wrapped Around Your Head,” “The Boro Boys Are In Town” and “We’re Boro, We’re Barmy…” much to the amazement of the kids trying to watch Numberjacks or play on the PSP.
Inevitably the conversation turned to the great goals and I ended up in the loft looking for old videos (remember them) of end of season reviews, late night soccer specials with Roger Tames and David Mills only vaguely aware of what was happening before them and snatches of highlights from Tyne Tees and Look North back in the post-Sky era when in-depth football footage was as rare as Tories on Teesside. Equally inevitably conversation turned to this….

The oft-overlooked John Hendrie picks up a ball ten yards outside his own box and weaves through the entire Millwall team as he trundles 70 yards to get in the box and slot home at the Holgate End. Magic. Little changes of pace, excellent close control, power to shrug off defenders, stamina , a scruffy but accurate finish after such a long run. Brilliant. If Rooney or Henry did that now it would be on a permanent tape-loop on Sky Sports and lauded as one of the greatest goals ever. As it is, well, its only Boro v Millwall. No one saw it at the time on the blipvert highlights and it probably barely got a mention in the national press.
Here’s another iconic moment of Holgate folk legend….

A staggeringly brilliant moment that helped seal the Mogga legend in a game full of drama and historical significance. The first ever match from outside the top flight to be broadcast live and a watershed victory over promotion rivals Villa that took Rioch’s side a little closer to completing an astounding football fairytale. And what a well worked goal: a neat, patient build-up from a fluid team looking to get forward, a great cross in and a fantastic flying header. And look at the Holgate dance. And not a replica shirt to be seen. Bliss.
Those two clips come off the treasure box of copyright busting beauty that is our collective loft, YouTube. If you can’t find your old videos don’t panic, there is almost certainly someone out there in cyberspace who has found their’s and done society a service by sharing them in an easy to find, easy to download two minute nugget of joy.
This pair of golden goals were made available by Boro fan Matelot, to who we should all be grateful for putting in the time and effort. He has some other excellent archive footage on his page too: balding Balkan polyglot lawyer and Bosco Jankovic, cut-price George Best Terry Cochrane, tragic dribbler Stephen Bell, lumbering miss machine Billy Ashcroft, and ‘Karl Heinz’ Kernaghan when he was still a striker. It is well worth checking out and giving him a rating too. You can see his work here.
When I get some time I’ve got some valuable stuff I should really stick up there too. The ZDS Cup final is up in the loft unwatched somewhere, although to be honest maybe that should be left as a warm glow rather than analyised and exposed for the damp squib it was.
Pathe News for those yearning for a bygone age.


6 thoughts on “YouTube, Nostalgia And Yearning For A Bygone Age

  1. aah the good old days….
    I was there for Hendries goal against Millwall and from memory I am sure that he won the ball in Albert Park!
    It was the greatest goal I have ever seen.
    I worked on the turnstiles at Ayresome Park during my student days, and will never forget the amount of drunken un-gazelle like turnstile jumpers that ended up on their arses, and were trodden over by their more agile mates.
    Most of them would probably not be allowed into games to day if they paid.
    Yes peeing against the wall and being crushed against the Holgate barriers was certainly the best way to move up from the security of the boys end, and sample what really went on at Boro games.

  2. AV – On another subject – Roma
    The BBC website reports:
    “Manchester United have been accused of raising tensions by warning fans they could be attacked ahead of the Champions League clash against Roma.
    “The city’s mayor Walter Veltroni is unhappy the club have told travelling supporters to beware of the hardcore “ultras” element of Roma’s support.
    “Fans have also been warned in letters and on the club’s website to avoid certain areas of the city. Mr Veltroni believes the advice could create a “negative climate”.
    “He told Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport: “Rome is a city that welcomes everyone in a hospitable manner.
    “I consider what appeared on the Manchester United website to be an unfortunate accident, but also dangerous because it risks creating a negative climate.
    “I have spoken on the telephone to the English ambassador. Rome is a serene and welcoming city.”
    I am sure that Boro fans will agree with Mr Veltroni.
    It will be interesting to see what happens tonight off the pitch, and if UEFA take any action if yet again Roma fans cause trouble.
    **AV writes: If Roma can not guarantee the safety of visiting fans then they should not be allowed to enter the competition. It is that simple.
    It is only English fans that travel in numbers so this is the first time they have been really tested since the police engaged in a systematic breach of the European Social Charter when Boro were there and also showed themselves either incompetent or complicit in the ultra attack on innocent tourists the night before.
    If there is any trouble tonight they should be kicked out of the tournament and the stadium closed. Italain football has just had a serious wake up call. Tonight we will find out if they are serious about cleaning up their act.

  3. I was there in the holgate when john hendrie scored.
    A lot of fans say how good ayresome was but they forget to tell you that most of the time we had to watch boro in the old div2 as the case of john hendrie’s goal, great goal by a great player but it was scored against a poor team, defence and midfield.
    those were the days..crowds of 14,000 and 20 away fans from southend,plymouth,watford..etc pity i couldnt see the game cos everyone stood infront of me was taller and those big fences obscured my view

  4. brilliant stuff. i still get excited about that old footgae because although i love all the superstars and the big time that team… rioch, mogga, bernie, coops, rippers, lawsy, hammo, parky, pearsy etc… that team was MY team.
    boro is an expensive hobby now what with taking the lad as well but back then i lived it. home and away, hitching sometimes. cheap and cheerful. it wasnt wall to wall on the telly and even local telly didnt always show the goals. you couldnt bluff it back then you really had to be there.
    that mogga goal was fantastic. it was great game with a team that had balls and style. not all brilliant players but they all had pride in the shirt and lived in the town. great days. watching the holgate go mental brings a tear.
    keep up the good work AV

  5. Those were the days…only 2 subs allowed, no sub keeper, if you were injured you had to carry on with a broken leg like gary gill.(he was actually better than rochemback),no tactics apart from attack. Defending was non existent pretty bad, always used to get wet in the holgate, the dug outs could only fit 4 people in. a crunching tackle was the most tactical thing going on. the shorts were tight and tiny so the ladies could check out a players lunch box. the PA system was so quiet that you couldnt hear it over the sound of the fans clapping

  6. I’ve still got that Villa game taped from when it was broadcast … in fact I think my dad even went out and bought the VCR for that very purpose.
    Forget the final ten minutes against Steua and Basle, the final 10 minutes of that game, from the moment Brucie threw on Big Al up front, were the 10 minutes that shaped the Boro.

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