Cup KO Caption Contest

AS a diversion from the debris of angst, bitterness and recriminations left in the wake of Boro’s painful FA Cup exit, let’s lighten the mood with a little caption competition.
Here’s a fantastic PA picture of the shocking scenes as a furious Spurs fan invaded the pitch and took a swing at Frank Lampard after their replay on Monday night. Unbelieveable! Outrageous! Disgraceful. Here, isn’t that Stewy Downing?
Bearing in mind that lawyers and young people read this blog, who is saying what to who?


30 thoughts on “Cup KO Caption Contest

  1. AV I know Stewy is a man of few words but I’m confused by your comment at the end of the previous thread!
    AV writes: It had initially been posted her on the caption competition. I was looking for quips not essays.

  2. Lampard: ‘Stewy, Mac tells me he wants you to play left back in Tel Aviv’
    AV It wasn’t my post!
    **AV writes: Easy mistake to make… he’s another Nigel, but then almost everyone on here is.

  3. Couldnt believe it when i saw the pictures of the spurs fan how much he looks like stewy downing.
    Lampard wouldnt swap shirts so stewy lashed out haha quality likeness tho aint it? He has been given a life time ban
    Good job lampard ducked coz he was fallowing thru with his elbow, no need for that in the game.

  4. ………
    **AV writes: That’s two dodgy ones now Tony. I’d laugh along down the pub but we can’t possibly publish them.

  5. Surrealist corner
    Is the guy whose arm appears at the edge of the crop on the left of the photo saying
    “If I let go of this we’ll all roll into a tube.”

  6. ” **AV writes: That’s two dodgy ones now Tony. I’d laugh along down the pub but we can’t possibly publish them. ”
    Hey AV, no worries my mate. I’ll keep trying my best !
    Stuey – ” You schmuck…. How the hell can Spurs afford to buy me now ?????????????? ”

  7. When are icons not iconic corner
    Adrian Bevington to Stewie and Lamps at the Eng-er-lund training camp:
    “Yeah lads, we can gerra deal to do this up as an official FA poster – got that certain homo-erotic somethin’ – burrit’ll never do business like that tennis lass scratchin’ ‘er bum.”

  8. Thank god I play rugby, otherwise I would be out till I was at least 90 years-old. By the way has anyone ever done something similar to Vickers?
    **AV writes: If you can find a picture of a Vic-a-like chinning a bare torsoed professional footballer feel free.

  9. I told you what I would do to you if you did not give me the three grand that you owe me from the last card school. Look what I made happen to Michael Owen – he was only due me £2300. This is your last warning…………..

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