New Boro Injury Shock?

D’OH! Boro left back starlet Andrew Taylor has suffered a toe injury and has pulled out of the England U-21 squad for next week’s Wembley curtain-raiser with Italy, according to reports from PA which we are trying to confirm. Presumably that means he is has also been ruled out of tonight’s match leaving Boro with a massive defensive crisis.
If true then he must be out of tonight’s game or why withdraw him for the U-21s now? They would just announce it tomorrow if they wanted him to rest it after the game. There is no point getting the FA riled by withdrawing him from the squad then playing him tonight. So we must assume then that Boro are without him for the big Old Trafford showdown.

He should maybe have been rested on Saturday, along with a few more. Given that Julio Arca (groin) and Manny Pogatetz (bruising behind the knee), the obvious cover in that position, are also doubtful for tonight that leaves Boro with a massive defensive headache. Reserve left back Jonathon Grounds, come on down. Rock hard Pogatetz could play at a push – take the calipers off, give him an injection and get him out there – but you wouldn’t risk it.
Look, it’s supposed to be Man U with the injury crisis. Suddenly Boro’s paper thin squad has been exposed. There is little leeway for flexibility in the some key positions. Without Arca there is no creativity in midfield – Euell, Rochemback and Mendieta (remember him?) have been tried and tested to destruction and are not up to scratch.
And at the back it is equally fragile. Who will play on the left now? Who fancies Xavier as a makeshift solution against Ronaldo? Parnaby? Euell, he’s supposed to be versatile. How about Downing as a wing-back in a midfield five? Okay, now I’m worried.
It will probably be Parnaby who has played there before, with Davies at right-back and Xavier moved into the middle as in the past. That does not fill me with confidence.


11 thoughts on “New Boro Injury Shock?

  1. But Man U are focusing on the Premiership and Champions League…
    That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!
    **AV writes: Me too.

  2. Worrying……Lets hope Ronaldo doesn’t play…forlorn I know. Or maybe the reports about AT are wrong, fingers crossed!

  3. One of the daily papers suggests no Giggs tonight but Ronlado and Rooney in , Smith, O’Shea, Carrick, Park… Not a bad side!

  4. Arca is playing and so it Taylor – Vickers on the dole?
    **AV writes: Possibly. And I hope so. That doesn’t change the fact that the FA reported he had pulled out of the England U-21 squad with an injury. Very strange.

  5. It is quite worrying if Taylor is not available tonight which seems more than likely. He had Ronaldo in his pocket for most of the game when you consider the amount of shots United did have on target and the lack of cover in front of Taylor, with Riggott still not 100% & Seb Hines out it the chance of someone to come in & play.
    I would also like to see Rochemback play tonight. Last Season against the big clubs, Arsenal & Chelsea etc he performed. I don’t think Boateng, Cattermole would work & certainly not Jason Euell so I feel without Arca we have little option.
    The papers said we missed Viduka & Woodgate I would say we missed Arca more because Downing was the only creator. It will be close tonight but one I think we can nick.

  6. Andrew
    Rochemback, like Mendi, played well gainst the big clubs often in a midfield five where his lack of positional discipline became less of an issue.
    If we play Veruka and Yak he will leave the middle exposed. He also needs to have cover for his fancy flicks that leave people out of postion, in a four that creates chaos.

  7. What Has Happened to Huth and Riggott?? surely if Poggy is even 70% fit he could manage to hold left back or Arca even if Taylor is out, Huth could partner Woody in the middle. it just relys on downing to track back and take the ball away from Man U’s winging winger.
    And im praying that Euell isnt played, no offense but he is not premiership material, a panic buy if anything.
    Boro should try and field their best XI and attack united.
    **AV writes: Are you serious? A 70% Pogatetz up against Ronaldo? With a barely fit Huth in the middle? Six nowt.
    I believe Huth has travelled with the squad but I can’t believe he will play. He has had a couple of short outings for the reserves but must be well short. Riggott is injured.

  8. If GS had followed my advice and fielded a reserve 11 on Saturday we wouldn’t be having this debate now.
    Where did I leave his mobile no……….

  9. Yeah – whatever.
    Now is the time – whatever the outcome – for Gate to get back to showing some of the leadership he had begun to show before last week.
    I described the decision to muck about with the side for Saturday – before it was made – as a profound mistake.
    I said this not just for reasons to do with Saturday (though I was proved right on that one) or this evening but for the rest of this season, the close season and both of these for the basis of next season.
    We’re now in real danger of the whole lot unravelling. Gate needs to get a grip again – now.
    That, my friends, is hugely more important than just whether we win or lose tonight.

  10. Agree with your comments, Vic.
    He should’ve played all the kids against City. They couldn’t have done any worse.
    All I can say about the defence is pick anyone but Andrew Davies. Anyone!!!
    Come on Boro

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