Boro Make Hard Work Of Cup Progress

BORO in “doing it the hard way” shock! Our heroes gifted the minnows a goal with a dysfunctional offside trap, then hit the post, hit the bar, came from behind and then missed a penalty before going ahead in extra time only to throw a comfortable lead away at the death. Extra time and pennas to beat a team that should have been dead and buried long before the 90 minutes were up.
Here’s a few observations:

SPOT OF BOTHER: Penalty king Yakubu has made the laid back penalty into an art form with an exquisite range of deft chips, flicks and casual strokes of audacious quality. Yeah, yeah, but sometimes you should just welly them.
The Bristol shot-stopper has obviously been watching the videos – Yak had scored 17 out of 18 in English football before tonight and has slotted away five this season, all “cheeky” ones. They have relied on a supreme steely nerve in the run-up brinkmanship, waiting for the keeper to go before selecting his spot and stroke. Weall just stood and waited and the Yak ran out of time to choose. Other Premiership keepers will have taken note. As did Yak. His shoot-out effort was just belted and it came off the post. We must hope his confidence is not dented.
The chatter in the underpass suggested the extra-time penalty was the worst ever for Boro. Don’t be daft. Don’t you remember Juninho’s effort at Old Trafford when, after the United players had mugged Andy D’Urso for daring to even award it, the pint-sized dream weaver hit a shot so weak it barely reached the goal line and the keeper was laughing as he came out to collect. And what of the fabled Bobby Thompson effort that hit the cormer flag? Or is that urban legend?
Whatever the Yak’s problems here – he shoud just whack the next couple before trying any more funny stuff – the rest of the spot kicks were brilliant and it was fitting that super-sub Magic Johnson got the winner after an electrifying contribution and a piledriver that rattled the bar.
On the other side of the shoot-out Mark Schwarzer deserves credit for two match winning saves. I was initially harsh on him for not saving the opener but having watched it again he did his best and the inquest will surely point the finger at a badly executed offside trap and the sluggish reaction of poor Andrew Taylor on the far side.
WIZARD OF OZ: Mark Viduka was brilliant. Within minutes of coming on he had galvanised a side that had looked pedestrian in the first half and sparked a string of exciting attacking moves. He was holding defenders off, turning his marker and slotting some neat balls into the box for Yakubu to run onto and really he should be revelling in a Man of the Match display that produced three or four assists. He had chances himself – he scooped one over after Johnson’s shot came back over the bar and had another overhead effort off target too – but it is the ease with which he carves open defences that is the most significant aspect of his game.
That he is yet to be signed up for next season will be cause for some alarm for Boro fans who see week after week that he is the player who makes the team tick up front.
STREAK OF LUCK: After a weekend when a drunk staggered onto the pitch at Chelsea and wandered around telling the players they were his best pal and when a potential nutter jumped out of the crowd at St James’ brandishing what appeared to be an iron bar it is reassuring that Boro can still produce the traditional harmless idiot when it comes to streakers.
Our man, a fat lad in what appeared to be comedy outsize Y-fronts, jumped out of the North Stand when play was down the other end and wobbled off toward the half-way line accompanied by laughter before turning back and trundling into the box where he slide on his knees to the penalty spot arms aloft to acknowledge the crowd’s roar of ‘you fat bastard’ . He was last seen heading off between two beefy stewards to claim his place in terrace folklore.
We do good streakers. The nun and chicken earlier this season were very funny while the tabloid prompted sexy santas that snogged Gazza are fondly remembered too.


29 thoughts on “Boro Make Hard Work Of Cup Progress

  1. Vic
    Well, I’m glad you found something to amuse us with late last night.
    I have to say that after the pathetic and unprofessional shambles that we put up last night the fact that Gate and some of our players who were interviewed seemed to find it all amusing just summed up much of what is still wrong with our club and team.
    Let’s remember this was not Barcelona but Bristol City – a worthy little side but with half their first team missing as they had in the first match and from a division and a half below us. Gate said we were lucky not to get beaten in the 2nd half at Ashton Gate. So we would ‘learn’ from that – Gate’s word of the season – and not make the same mistake.
    The Boat’s ‘Wemb-er-ley’ pronouncements (will someone please shut him up) and Gate’s joke team selection set the scene and we set off in the manner beloved of our Native American Shaman Takes-Foot-Off-Gas in preparation for our usual ‘Let’s only play half a game again tonight, which half – OK, 2nd’ display.
    OK Seb Hines wasn’t spectacular and Tayls didn’t hold the line from the centre backs but the Peroxide Portugueezer let the man go for their 1st – a feat he repeated in the dying moments to force extra time. For the second he was so far away from his man that a lumbering centreback with the turning circle of a super-tanker ‘swivelled’ and got a shot away. That makes 4 goals he’s cost us in the last 2 games alone.
    Send for the Aussie cavalry – well, yes. And as you point out his contribution makes you wonder why, yet again, Lambie is pratting around with the contract. But why wasn’t he on from the start? Why didn’t we win the game first and then rest him?
    Christie proved yet again that he isn’t of Prem standard – on this showing, not even of League 1 standard and Rochemback showed us why he should have gone back to Portugal and that he was p****d off with us for making him stay – just as he did against Chelsea. Perhaps someone will tell him at some point that he is c**p at free kicks and shooting from distance. He may be Brazilian but that gene’s skipped a generation.
    As ever, our midfield showed what a mistake it was not to invest in the transfer window or indeed in the Summer. And it seems Catts is now injured too which may mean we see the same line up on Saturday – oh, joy!
    And didn’t we show our Prem fitness – not!
    I could go on – but like our team and manager, I can’t be bothered.
    Thank goodness for Schwarz and a couple of nervy pen takers on their side. More unnecessary showboating from The Yak almost snatched defeat – again – from the jaws of victory.
    Those who think we’re safe in the Prem – and I include the manager, the coaches and the players, should replay the tape of this a few times to convince themselves otherwise. If I was a bottom 3 manager I’d be showing it to my team and saying, ‘Look, there is somebody worse than us’.
    **AV writes: The first half was poor and Boro were ragged but they dominated the second half and extra time and with better finishing could have battered Bristol.
    When you write the chances down – as I do – it looks far more convincing. Johnson and Downing could have scored but for a coat of paint, Viduka spooned one over from close range, Yak fired just wide and missed a penalty and the half-chances were into double figures.
    The problem came in a shaky last few minutes when Bristol just started hoofing it into the box and there was panic in the Boro defence. No one took control. Schwarzer dropped a corner to cause chaos at one point. What happened to the “red zones?” There was a need then for steely ruthless professionalism and even a bit of cynical time-wasting rather than frantically scrambling the ball out 30 yards to another Bristol player.
    On the question of Xavier, he was awful against Hull and was out of position for one goal and gifted them a penalty too. He played at centre-back then too so it is clearly a role he is not comfortable in. That’s a lesson we should learn.

  2. Vic
    You’re right to point out the chances, of course, and the comedy defending in the dying stages but that only makes my point even more strongly.
    The sort of team we should be aspiring to be should have a ruthless and mean streak against opposition like this.
    We should get on top, stay on top and not release the stranglehold until they’re dead. If you score 2 – go for 3, then 4. When we scored last night we took our foot off the gas again and they upped their game.
    If you get chances – nail the better percentage of them. You get nowt for a near miss. If row Z and running the clock down is the right thing, then do it.
    These are basic attitude problems and need solving. And if the current lot won’t do it we need to find people who will.

  3. I think its obvious that without viduka and woodgate in the team we are pretty average. thats 5 goals conceded in 2 games without woodgate.
    We want to keep viduka but the club cant be held to ransom over him.
    It was only a matter of time that a goal keeper would spot how yakubu took his penalties. I think one of his team mates told the keeper just before it was taken what he does.
    **AV writes: Yes, there was a three man conference with the keeper before Yak’s penalty. I think they were discussing last week’s Soccer AM feature on how his penalty brinkmanship works. Stitched up by TV again.

  4. All that matters is that we are through to the next round.
    No one will remember the Bristol match if we make it to the final.
    Southgate needs to always start with his strongest available team, it should be easier to defend a lead than have to bring players on and then have them chasing the game.
    I agree that Xavier is a liability, unfortunatley Southgate seems to have total faith in him and looks like offering him a new contract.
    Lessons still need to be learned on and off the pitch.
    You would think that after the Zenden fiasco, Steve Gibson would get involved and ensure that Viduka contract offer was sorted ASAP. At least then Southgate would know if he will need to sign a replacement.
    Still unlike the hundreds of other teams who have been knocked out of the cup, Boro are still in it and after we beat WBA on Saturday and then get a home draw in the quarters it will be Wembley all the way.
    Boro will be safe, how many points do you think that Watford, Charlton, West Ham and Wigan will end up with?
    They all have each other to play, and also have the top teams left to play.
    The current bottom three will do well to reach 30 points.
    **AV writes: “a home draw in the quarters it will be Wembley all the way”. Never Happy? You definitely need a new moniker mate.

  5. It was an uninspiring performance worthy of the previous regime.
    One question that springs to mind is where was Morrison? Is he injured? Been busy the last couple of days and may have missed something.
    The stats certainly show that we should have won quite comfortaby – but we didnt. As I have said before, if you look at the league tables there are no columns for hit woodwork, keeper saves, clearance off the line, number of chances. The game is about goals and both teams scored two.
    I had hoped we had moved on from the ‘lets not go for it and see what happens’ approach. There were some valuable lessons from the night as JP points out.
    We are quite thin in terms of strikers and if Veruka isnt nailed down it will be the worst piece of business for many a year. To leave contract discussions so late is unbelievable. Every other club would have been talking or at least trying to talk last August. As Merson said last night there will be a queue of clubs in June.
    At the other end we look lost without Woodgate and he again will have a queue of clubs tempting him. Huth is an unknown quantity and may well be a permanent victim of bad luck – the worst part being looked after by our team of witch doctors.
    Still at least we are into the next round, never thought I would see the day I was hoping a dodgy ex Mackem full back was fit.
    **AV writes: Morrison was “rested”. He has started only 14 games this season but need a breather apparently.

  6. John:
    If I can go into Ian mode and quote a few stats.
    West Ham and Charlton are currently averaging 0.74 points per game. If this continues both will end up with 29 points.
    I lived and worked in London for many years, I lived not far from the school field that West Ham call a training complex and have quite a few friends who are supporters.
    To a man, none of them expect to stay up, all say that the club has been in turmoil since they signed the 2 Argies, and that Curbishley has already lost the dressing room.
    All of them would gladly swap places with Boro.
    I think that 36 points will keep any side up this season, I predict Boro will end up with 46 points. Obviously when we progress in the cup, hopefully Southgate will not go down the MaClaren route and chop and change the team from game to game. He knows his starting eleven and when ever possible needs to stick with them.
    We all know we need new players, however the club did the right thing in not being held to ransom by the likes of the Baggies over Gera’s transfer fee. If they miss out on promotion we will be able to offer a lower fee during the next transfer window.
    The same will apply to Nugent if Preston do not go up, however more PL clubs will be interested in him.
    Could Billy Sharp of Scunthorpe be the next Nugent, he may be worth taking a chance on. He will cost a fraction of Nugents price and his wage demands will be less.

  7. Never Happy
    Well, it’s perm any one from 3. Just to continue on the statto theme, as you will doubtless remember, Pompey had the same number of points at this stage last season as Watford have now, ergo – less than the Hammers and Addicks.
    I know they have’t got ‘Appy ‘Arry and it would appear that the Hammers are intent on suicide (I’ve heard the same from Hammers fans at work) but they all have the model to show it’s possible to get safety. I think it’s an outside chance but it’s a chance.
    I’ll know better how I rate our finishing run when I see how we perform against Reading a week on Saturday. Without many of our advantages they are making up for whatever deficiencies they have by doing all the basics right – and some.
    Their default performance is what ours should be (and indeed any Prem team’s) but isn’t. Our default performance is what we saw last night and we revert to it with alacrity. We’ve just done better in a few games recently.
    If we peform like we did last night or in the 2nd half against Chelksi they will give us a drubbing on our own ground and many others around us will scent blood.
    We have the Barcodes soon after and they’ll revel in trying to do us over.
    Add into that mix a few more injuries and suspensions for us (Catts 1 yellow away from a 2 game ban for example) and it could see us in the same kind of free-fall we were in earlier in the season.
    I’m far from sanguine yet. Show me 35 points after Reading and I’ll be a little more relaxed, but not much.

  8. Never Happy
    Whats this about ‘Ian mode’ – are you implying I am a boring statto. I can cope with the boring bit but calling me an anorak is taking things a bit far. If I had feelings they would have been hurt.
    Personally I dont think we will go down but would be delighted if we got to 40 points before too long. As last night showed we are fairly limp without Viduka up front and Woodie at the back.
    Both are injury prone and relying on the witch doctors who pose as backroom staff is a disaster waiting to happen. It is still possible for us to have a dip in form and suffer a stressful end to the season.

  9. ” I could go on – but like our team and manager, I can’t be bothered. ”
    Thank goodness for small mercies!
    Come on John, just admit that you and late nights don’t go well together.

  10. I hear there are big queues at the riverside for the game at WBA. Surely with modern technology there should be no need to queue or people to panic.
    No wonder crowds are dropping when it is so much hassle to get a ticket for a game. Can’t they introduce a telephone banking type thing where a season ticket holder gets a pin number/mothers maiden name/DOB…etc and you can ring up an automated system that will allow you to press ‘3’ to buy a ticket for a match and it automatically takes the money out of your account and posts it to you within 24 hours.
    I think people like queuing for the sake of it so in typical boro attitude they can stand and complain about having to queue and feel a super fan.

  11. Statto er I mean Ian:
    No offence meant but you have mentioned average points, goals scored etc in some of your posts so I thought I would quote from the master.
    I think Reading have done fantastically well this season but are due a drubbing and we are just the team to do it.
    The Skunks will be there for the taking if we take the game to them.
    We always beat Man City, but normally lose to West Ham.
    We’ll beat Waford, lose to the Scousers, draw with Villa, beat Spurs, draw with Wigan and beat Fulham. I did predict 46 points but suddenly we are up to 52 points and an FA Cup final to fall back on.
    The season will end with a place in the UEFA and Woody and Viduka signing on the dotted line. You can then look back and wonder what all youre worrying was about.
    C’Mon Boro!

  12. Never Happy
    Whatever you’re on – I want some! I agree with Vic, the byline’s either ironic or a complete misnomer.
    Of course, I hope you’re right.
    Let’s see if we’re closer to agreement after The Baggies and Reading.
    Some people are easily satisfied.

  13. rumour i heard is that viduka wants a 4 year deal but boro will only give him 2 years. Woodgate is happy to come to boro but wants loyalty payments and a pay off from madrid to compensate him for the drop in wages he will have to take

  14. ” On the question of Xavier, he was awful against Hull and was out of position for one goal and gifted them a penalty too. He played at centre-back then too so it is clearly a role he is not comfortable in. That’s a lesson we should learn. ”
    I don’t agree with the general criticism.
    Against Chelsea it was the general consensus that he played well, that’s if you saw the whole game and not just the BBC highlights. Even Slaven pointed this out in his commentry and he NEVER goes out of his way to praise anyone who isn’t local.
    Xavier has done well since he came back. I always read the national press after games and he has never been given less than a seven and two weeks in a row they gave him 9. Obviously when you take Woody out of the defence you’re bound to concede more goals as he’s so good. It’s like taking Rooney out of Man UTD.
    I think with Xavier playing right back and Woody back in the middles that we have a big strong defence. In fact, I go so far as to say that we have one of the best defences in the league when everyone is fit and in position.
    Xavier is a 100 percenter. He’s big, strong, and very fit. I really like him.
    The word around town is that Xavier is so well liked by Southgate because he has such a massive influence in the dressing room at games and everyday during training. He is another regular at Sassari!! I’ve seen him just the once but the boys there tell me that he is t total, doesn’t smoke and that he eats the same thing 24/7. Boiled pasta, grilled chicken and veg !!!!!!!!!!
    You heard it here first guys. I would love to talk to him but I don’t think that I will get the chance as he looks a quiet sort of guy off the pitch, but I will certainly keep my ears open for anymore gossip.
    I agree about Viduka. He’s making the difference at the moment, although I think we should ease off him about the missed chances as he is one of the leagues top scorers and eveyone has days like that.

  15. Tony:
    Strange that you can judge a players merits by how the national press rate them for a game (I’m sure half of these reporters do not attend the match that they report on). Most of them probably give Xavier a good mark as he is one of the few Boro players that they can recognise.
    AV, John
    In support of Boro’s attempts at Global branding and to hail the signing of the Lion King I am going to rename myself Hop Toe Missed from now on.
    C’Mon Boro!

  16. Tony Black
    I am well known for my (not very complementary) views on the Peroxide Porugueezer. In general, to be fair, I think he’s done a little better than I thought he would and he gives us an additional threat with his attacking heading from corners and free kicks. But…
    I was at Chelsea. He did have a reasonable first half but then at the end of the half started the melee which cost us the goal by failing to simply clear his lines. He repeated the dose 3 times in the second half and one of those cost us another goal.
    He was also majorly responsible for the errors (though he wasn’t the only one) that cost us the goals against Bristol.
    Some of this can be explained by the fact that he was playing out of position at centre back. But then he had a ‘mare against Hull at our place too when he was at right back. And I could quote other examples.
    So he’s more than prone to a few errors in games that turn out to cost us. I don’t know what that’s down to – concentration, brainstorm or what. But if he’s to stay in the side it needs eradicating.
    He’s also well into his middle 30’s and, however fit and strong for his age (I exclude quick ‘cos he’s not), can’t be anyone’s idea of a long term solution. By that I mean no longer than the end of this season when I hope Tony McMahon will be back.
    Not surprised about the dietary stuff. Have you heard the term ‘body fascist’? Well he’s clearly one. Hence ingesting the banned foodstuffs that got him the ban. And what about the hair!
    The attitude issues link to that general lifestyle too. They were most recently displayed in his threats to us over his contract in the window but go back to some famous incidents with Portugal for which he also got a lengthy ban.
    It’s interesting that his claim that other clubs were queueing for his services didn’t materialise in the same way there was no queue when we first picked him up when he was out of contract, and then again when his substance abuse ban ended recently.
    I can see he may be the life and soul in the dressing room but that on its own isn’t a good reason to employ him or play him.
    In another place I quoted a discussion I saw on Sky recently when the panel were talking about PP’s threats about getting another contract from us. Phil Thompson was on the panel and was asked about him ‘cos he had him at the Scousers. He said that it wasn’t fair for him to say much but that he had his limitations, tended to lose interest once he’d got a contract and well….his advice to Gate was ‘Don’t go there’.
    Given Tony Mc’s injury, that Gate doesn’t seem to rate Parns, that Dava has limitations at right back and that Seb Hines isn’t ready yet, it is certain that PP is going to play most games for the rest of the season. Hopefully, most of these will be at right back and that coaching can work on his tendency for Kamekazi defensive mistakes.
    I wouldn’t like to see him stay beyond the end of his current contract at the end of the season.
    **AV writes: Signing Xavier at 34 was always only ever going to be a stop-gap. He knows that, which is why he was making those noises in January, either to nudge Boro into a new deal or attract an employer for next year.
    Xavier has played well at times and has his strengths but he is certainly not a long term solution. Despite the hype McMahon remains unproven and the others have failed to make the slot their own. Right back is still very much a problem position.

  17. beeline
    Think you’ll find when you read back through ths blog and other MBs I can be as ra-ra as the next person when I see something that merits it.
    **AV writes: Now, now lads. No squabbling.

  18. MacMahon looked like he was going to be a certain future England RB when he came into the first team. MaClaren’s obsession with playing useless Riziger and a succession of injuries has moved MacMahon back to square one.
    But lets not forget he will not be 21 till next month and still has the chance to fulfill he undoubted potential. Matthew Bates and Andrew Davies can also fill in at RB, however of the three MacMahon is without doubt the best prospect.
    Neal Eardley of Oldham is only 18 and possibly one of the best RB’s outside the PL however it is debatable what he has yet achieved and maybe is no better than Seb Hines.
    If GS still believes he needs Xavier he should be offered a maximum of a 1 year deal.
    **AV writes: Welcome aboard Mr Missed

  19. Vic
    On an entirley different subject – do you know what’s happening with Huth? Seems to have dropped off the radar completely.
    The original estimates for when he may be fit, from my recollection, should mean he should be back in training now. Is he?
    **AV writes: He is not back in training yet so it could be a while before he gets the chance to shrug off the ‘crock’ tag that chickenrunners have already given him.

  20. young players can be very hit and miss. some of them burst on the scene as a teenager and look like they have the potential to make it at the top level. but then in their 2nd season they can struggle to hold down a place and lose form and never rediscover that early promise.
    Its not that difficult for young players to get the odd game. the hard part is holding down a place,sustaining the consistency and perfoming well. I think morrison is at that stage now where he needs to start pushing for a regular place on the right. If a player isnt a regular by the time he is 22/23 then he never will be.
    How many chances will the likes of wheater, mcmahon, bates, morrison get to hold down a place in the team. premiership managers dont have the patience and prefer someone who is ready made.
    wil be interesting to see if we sign a right midfielder in teh summer

  21. JP and AV
    My views on the witch doctors that inhabit Rockcliffe are well known.
    John and I have had this discussion before but it baffles me that it seems we can read the report of an injury to a Boro player. As soon as he is given the all clear by the staff we can instantly diagnose a broken bone or cruciate ligament injury without access to scans, x-rays or seeing the afflicted part even if we live 140 miles away.
    As I posted in the other place Huth is n weeks from playing where n is large and positive and tends to infinity. He is certainly unlucky but I dont know whether it is about his injuries or who is looking after him.
    As AV is privvy to state secrets and maybe has the odd informer do you know if there is any concern at the recurring inability to diagnose or treat injuries? They seem to adopt the two paracetamols and get on with it approach
    I may be being unfair and that other clubs are no better but it is difficult to believe.
    **AV writes: The injury rates at all clubs are through the roof in recent year. If you want evidence take a look a If you think Boro have had it bad this season look at Newcastle, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea or Aston Villa. It is a trend throughout the game.
    There are a lot of reasons but key is that the game has got faster and so muscle development is different while the force of impact in collsions or tackles is greater and the risks are increased by the volume of games, especially for teams with European commitments. You can throw in blades, firmer pitches and more intensive training too.

  22. It was a generalisation John, as I’m sure your comment was.
    No squabbling here Vic, my sense of humour needs a particular radar.

  23. Hi everyone,
    I like Xavier and although he isnt a long term solution i think he has done well so far and would like to see him at least another season. I agree that at chelsea he made a few mistakes but then so does everyone. just look at yakubu who nearly cost us the fa cup game with his penalty and missed chances.
    I also read the national press just to get a non biass viewpoint ( if thats possible ) and a general outside view on us and they have all rated him very highly.
    I think it is good to have people around who have been at places like liverpool and roma as they have much too pass on to others especially the younger guys.
    I have been to every home game this season and a few away games and I have seen xavier steadily getting better. His attacking play is good too and anyone who can score goals as a defender is valuable. I think he will only improve. Lets not forget that he was out of action for a long time. But well see.
    I also agree that we have a strong defence when everyone is fit and in their right position. Viduka is going well and so too is the yak on the whole and if we can keep scoring goals i think the season will end well. Lots to be positive about.

  24. Sorry AV pressed the wrong button please delete half finished email.
    I take on board injury problems at other clubs but it is the history of misdiagnosis and treatment I was on about.
    Huth broken bone, no hes ok, start training, broken bone.
    Ugo, swollen knee shortly after TLF’s cruciate injury, rest it over summer son, cruciate injury flairs up in pre season.
    Christie, broken leg, better son, start playing, in pain, keep playing son, broken again.
    Downing, swollen knee, rest it, go off on england tour, jars it and has to come home, Starts training and playing and flares up again, out for 4-5 months.
    Here the club said it was unrelated then Dad goes on the Gazette and says it was the same problem. His dad must be wrong because the PR department are excellent at the Riverside and it would be wrong of me to speculate at misinformation, too clever for the Boro!
    Boat, injured toe, comes back to training, the tendons have not healed properly, off for another 4-6 weeks.
    My question was, has anyone looked at what we are doing? Has anyone posed the question? Have they even noticed? We can certainly see the trend from afar.

  25. beeline
    Absolutely – we’re all on the same side on this blog. (Except for the occasional rash of Blades and Barcodes!)

  26. ” My question was, has anyone looked at what we are doing? Has anyone posed the question? Have they even noticed? We can certainly see the trend from afar. ”
    This is my only conclusion. I don’t want to go over the whole issue again but having read the maccarone statement endless times along with what his coach said in reply to it, I can only conclude that people just aint interested. I’m not saying that everything maccarone said is true but just way too much of it rings true.
    I would just love it if you would go and read this stuff mate and leave a reply on that site because I would love to know if it’s just me that’s gone mad or if what has been said is just incredible.
    Anyway. That’s how I see it.

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