Boro Fans DID Expect Spanish Inquisition

THE nation fumes at the “Maccabores” and tears its collective hair out at the switch to an unfamilar shape, the enthusiastic insertion of square pegs into round holes, a lack of creativity, the ebbing away of any zest from once sparkling players and a stifling air of hopelessness spreading from the pitch to envelope the crowd. Welcome to our world.
We shouldn’t really but most Boro fans were laughing their socks off this morning. Openly smirking at each other in recognition at our liberation from that. And at the fate of the FA, the national press and the rest of the country. There, that’s what we put up with the last two years before we slipped you the black spot. See how you like it. Boro got a good result in that Woodgate and Downing came through uninjured – nothing else really mattered. Gibbo got an even better one. He will have been laughing even louder while looking at the cheque in disbelief.
I don’t want to talk about the game, I’m really not bothered. I’m just enjoying the schadenfraude.


14 thoughts on “Boro Fans DID Expect Spanish Inquisition

  1. I find it funny that all those fans who backed Steve Mac to the hilt are now wantiong to see England struggle!
    Are they bitter because he dumped Boro and so want him to regret leaving Boro? Or are they waking up to the reality that he Mac isnt anything more than an average manager?
    **AV writes: Once someone leaves – player or manager – fans are released from the obligation to support them.

  2. Maccarone called him Mr”magnificent” but he could be called Mr “we learnt a lot” too. What do you make of a manager like that?
    At the Boro he was the same;when he used to win he used to say:”the guys were magnificent”; when he used to lose he used to say :”we learnt a lot”. Nothing else !! At that level (premiership or england job) there is nothing to learn.
    **AV writes: That posting showed real character out there.

  3. AV – spot on. I watched last nights match and it was a case of deja vu. I had thought that with the best English players at his disposal he might be more adventurous, clearly not. He will have to change his style or he won’t survive long as England manager.
    No doubt the highlight of Stewies performance for Mac was seeing him track back to disposess the Spanish striker at the death.

  4. Tut tut.
    As if we fair minded fans would smirk at the most smirkiest of smug smirkers misfortunes. It was magnificient.
    I notice that he is criticising some of his players on BBC website this morning.
    My view (and posted) was that I didnt want Downing to play because the set up wouldnt be right and that playing Crouch up front wouldnt help him at all. He is hardly the most mobile of strikers and is not going to make darting runs etc.
    Sure enough (and you know my postings well enough) the plan of right footed players on the left didnt work, Square pegs in round holes etc. It took 20 mins for the commentators to mention gaps down our left. Also got ina snide comment about the piece of paper in Macs hand.
    I have posted on the message board about a comment made by Patrick Barclay on the radio over the weekend. He was miffed about Joey Barton because the journos had been trying for years to describe the attempts to get Gerrard and Lampard in the same team and how they could get it to work. Up spouts Joey Barton in one sentance saying the way to may make it work was to give them a ball each.
    What else was not a surprise? Oh, the sight of SWP, Gerrard and Lampard in the same 10 yard square on the right wing.
    Poor Gareth Barry coming on to play a number of different positions and finishing up at left back.
    Barnet Nigel, there was also a superb Stewie cross met by the right back with no England strikers in sight.
    When the BBC held their poll for should Mac be the next England Manager and only got 25% in support what they didnt realise was that they were all Boro fans and most of us voted half a dozen times. I heard that Gibbo made it a disciplinary offence not to use the work emails for the purpose. At Bulkhauls staff appraisals the hard discs were checked for evidence of voting, no vote no pay rise.
    Paint dry, just like watching paint dry, just like watching paint dry………
    As the saying goes a picture tells a thousand stories.

  5. I posted on one of the other blogs about MacNegative and his unbelievable team selection, and it turned out even worse than I thought it would.
    He could have started with Barry and Downing on the left.
    He could play both Gerrard and Lampard with the instruction that if one bombs forward the other stays back, or alternatively have the balls to leave one of them out of the team.
    However as Boro fans we got what we expected, a poor performance followed up by the normal excuses in the Interview afterwards.
    MaClaren may have been the most successful Boro manager ever, but most fans were delighted to see him leave. After watching last nights shambles surely even Briggsy can not defend the Ginger one.
    **AV writes: Poor Briggsy. Why does he have to carry the can for everything Mac-related?

  6. AV – Briggsy does not have to carry the can, however last season we had to suffer MaClaren, and Briggsy supporting him thin and thin.
    How many people were slated as boo boys by Briggsy because they had the audacity to point out MacNegatives obvious failures.
    Come on Briggsy tell us all what positives could be taken from last nights game? Would you still welcome MaClaren back as Boro manager if he was offered the job?

  7. AV
    I think it is unfair to pick on Briggsy, it is too easy. There again he may post saying how good we were and ‘that on another day’.
    Just had a communal chat with some Derby fans from an adjacent office and underwhelmed was the the overall view. One wondered if he was as good as he was cracked up to be and did he really have an effect at Man U.
    I did point out it would be very difficult to coach and motivate a midfield with Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, and that shrinking violet Keane as its core. View was point taken.
    Really must stop smirking, it was so magnificent I think my hair is turning ginger.

  8. Do players like giggs and co need much coaching? They are world class players. Can someone like steve mac teach them to kick a ball better? I would say most improvement would be in the tactics and man-management which is mostly down to ferguson.

  9. Alf
    Sorry that was the point I was making.
    ‘On another day you would have got my point.’
    ‘I will post far worse and get my point across. It’s just one of them things.’

  10. IG – yes it was an excellent cross and completely wasted by there being no one to receive it.
    I thought I would feel proud to see two Boro players appearing for England but I didn’t. It was an embarassing performance, if England loose in Israel Mac will be on thin ice.
    Final thought given that Mac was our most succesful manager ever what would we have achieved if he had been more daring and positive?

  11. Any chance of getting That goalkeeper Foster? He only punched it once from what little I could be bothered to watch.Oh sorry Shwartz, I was forgetting you are one of the top three goalkeepers in the country.
    PS There was a positive…Woodgate…Sheer class.

  12. Last night was truly awful, thank God I am half Italian and that I can watch some proper football !
    That said, England HAVE some excellent players and yet they CONSTANTLY under perform.
    Steve McClaren is not a good manager in my opinion. He may well have some good qualities and he may well be valuable when working in a team of people where his role is specific and limited.
    As a man in total charge I think that it is clear that he is just not up to the task.
    Have England really not got anyone better who actually spends time thinking about the game as opposed to ” Magnificent ” Steve who goes to visit Tony Blair and then his speach writer ?
    I think if they lose their next qualifying match they will give him the bullit, if not then, then definately if England don’t qualify.
    **AV writes: The sad thing is that England probably DON’T have anyone much better.

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